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Update posted by Celestino IV Trono On Feb 18, 2018

She decided to stop her chemo. She has done 5 ( every 3 wk interval) chemo since July 2017 followed by 6 weekly sessions. She was supposed to do 12 weekly sessions.

Her condition has been improving! The affected breast has been softening but not completely healed. She takes in natural food hoping to combat cancer this way and keeps on praying every day. Her faith in Father God and the love she receives from friends surely make her spirit high! These keep her alive.

This week we intend to seek a third opinion as part of her regular check up.

At this point I wish to thank my family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances and most of all, my Church community who continue to send her well wish greetings and thoughts of love.

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Update posted by Celestino IV Trono On Feb 08, 2018

    Fuda Vice President Dr Mu Feng is in Manila now. Yesterday my wife Melba presented herself at their Fuda Makati Office at Centuria Medical for consultation. The news was very good!

    Dr Mu Feng observed that Melba’s condition would require a simple surgery only for the affected breast. There is no need to go to China Fuda Hospital. The procedure can be done locally.

    We will visit our original Oncologist Dr Romeo Diaz for a request of surgery if also agreeable with him.

    At this point we would like to thank everybody who responded without delay their sincere and authentic loving support. There was a show of abundant caring attention.

    The need for us to raise a big amount of money would not be necessary anymore. The healing of my wife and the love we have received from you all are a big blessing. Once again we thank you and may God bless you and your family.

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    Update posted by Celestino IV Trono On Feb 06, 2018

    Tomorrow , 7th Feb there will be a free consultation for cancer patients at the Fuda Hospital Office in Centuria, Makati. My wife Melba will present herself hoping to get a second opinion of her present condition.

    Today morning, Ka Juanito Combalecer came to my house and brought some cash without even knowing that an online fundraising is being created. I would like to thank him for his kindness.

    The first to give their sincere support were our neighbors Dada Valguna San Gabriel, Carol Natimdim and Jhing Zabala. Without a second thought they showed their loving hearts. My wife and I are so thankful for the love.

    A High school batchmate of Melba, Philips Principe, now in US also sent some cash without delay thru to the Western Union. Melba and I would like to thank him for the generosity.

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