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Update posted by Tom Hatton On Mar 09, 2021

Hi all, apologies for the sideways photos but just wanted to share the progress photos from the Treehouse Project which is still coming together - 3 years on! We should be able to offer much needed outside space to the patients of the Holy Cross by the time spring is with us.

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Update posted by Tom Hatton On Dec 25, 2020

We hope you are all having a good day after what has been a gruelling year for many. We realise it has been 2 years since you kindly donated money to the Treehouse Project but wanted to let you know that, finally, progress is being made. The screw pile foundations have now been installed and the steel frame that will form the base of the Project has been constructed. Many of the patients at the Holy Cross are now in total isolation due to covid 19 and unable to see any of their loved ones at Christmas. As gutting as this is for them and us, we hope that the Treehouse Project will now provide some much needed breathing space in nature and a sense of hope for 2021. It is hoped the build will be completed in February 2021. Thanks again for all your kindness and support, we will keep you all updated.

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Update posted by Tom Hatton On Jun 29, 2020

Hi all,

We are really pleased to be able to announce that the build of the Treehouse Project has finally begun! Below is a picture of the build site and the screw piles which will form the foundation of the structure. The design and construction team have done amazingly well to keep the Project moving forward during the recent pandemic and we are deeply grateful to them, the National Lottery, Senior Management at the Holy Cross Hospital and the Daughters of the Cross for their ongoing support.

It has been a difficult few months for everyone, but none more so than for the patients of the Holy Cross, who have needed to shield for several months now. Our hope is that the building of Treehouse Project and the access to outside space that it will provide will give all the patients a much needed boost as it starts to develop.

Thanks so much for all your support to the Project, it has been a very long time coming but we are - finally - getting there. We will keep you all updated on the progress of the build as it comes along.

Best Wishes,

The Treehouse Project Team

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Update posted by Penny Warin On Aug 25, 2019

To all Treehouse supporters everywhere

First, to thank you all for your support for the project and the campaigns you have run or donated to to get the Treehouse built. You must all be wondering what is happening and why it's not already been built and being enjoyed by the patients of Holy Cross Hospital. Well, after many problems and discussions and re-thinks, we have had to redesign and re-position the platform to avoid it being built over a high voltage mains electric cable leading to the hospital and other properties. We didn't know of its existence until early this year and it has taken all this time to find an acceptable solution. We are now confident that the re-design and re-positioning has solved the problem. We have, however, had to submit the new design for planning permission as we've been told it's too different from the original design to be able to avoid this.

Here's the new design! There are two trees in the walkway triangle which will be great! ( I can't get this picture into the main pictures but maybe someone else can?) And trees all around.

The application is in and being processed and we have no reason to think

there will be a problem with it. We still have to submit detailed plan of tree positions and that is in hand. Hopefully there will be no problem with that as it wasn't even asked for last time. Fingers and toes crossed!

I would like to take this opportunity also to thank again all those who are involved in delivering the project for their unwavering determination and ongoing commitment to getting it built,. A huge public thank you and acknowledgment will be given to them in due course. Architect, structural engineers and contractors, as well as the Hospital, have been fantastically positive, supportive and flexible in finding a solution. There is now a new sense of excitement emerging! We will keep you up to date with developments as they happen. This will get built!

If you know of people who have contributed to the project in any way but are not followers of the page, please pass the message on to them. Many, many thanks again to everybody involved.

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Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund On Mar 09, 2019

Super Structure Associates to the Rescue!

Just to give you a bit more information on the 'technical difficulties' that have been plaguing us over the past 3 months, basically it turns out that the build site for the Treehouse Project goes directly over an 11,000 volt cable - the main supply to the Holy Cross Hospital!

Although this may seem (and certainly felt) disastrous, we have 3 viable solutions to the problem and are currently working on which one is most effective in ensuring the Treehouse is built. Easily the most brilliant, however, is that the 'drawbridge' solution proposed by our friends at Super Structure Associates (SSA). Please see the link above!

Since we contacted Derek Mason and Robbie Synge at SSA a year ago looking for help with the Treehouse Project they have worked tirelessly, on an entirely pro-bono basis, to ensure that our dream for the patients of the Holy Cross comes alive. We cannot thank them enough for the kindness, compassion and ruthless determination they have shown for the Project, but can only salute their ingenuity (and great choice of theme tune) here - cheers guys!

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Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund On Feb 27, 2019

We have had a few technical difficulties with the Treehouse Project over the past couple of months, which at times has left us feeling a bit flat and despondent.... we really don't want to let the patients down who absolutely deserve this resource and we want to do justice to the outpouring of support that has been sent our way since this thing started in January 2018.

Everytime there is a low, however, someone somewhere seems to be able to help turn things round. Help this week came in two forms - firstly the amazing John Cavanagh (above) who completed the Brighton Half Marathon on February 24th, rewarding himself with a well deserved pint and roast at the end - cheers John, you really made our weekend!

The second form of help has come from our amazing structural engineers at Super Structure Associates who, working on a pro-bono basis as ever, have come up with an ingenious solution to the technical difficulty that has been plaguing us - replete with its own theme song! I hope to upload what they've put together very soon, but on Friday we have a meeting with the powers that be to ensure that our solution can be agreed - watch this space! Thanks to everyone as ever for your support in all the ways you have given it - this is proving to be a long slog, but will be worth it in the end. Cheers.

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Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund On Sep 20, 2018

Firstly, a massive congratulations to Martin Wainwright for completing his mammoth scull from Oxford to London this month - he raised a huge amount for the Treehouse Project and completed an incredible journey in doing it.

At our end, a contractor has now been secured for the Project who has agreed to complete in May 2019. There are 3 designs we are currently considering - however, only one of these is within our current budget! Fundraising work will continue this year in terms of bids to the National Lottery and Surrey County Council.

We will also be seeking donated materials from a range of different companies, in order to provide the best possible resource to patients at the Holy Cross Hospital. If anyone would like to get involved in this or other fundraising ideas then please don't hesitate to get in touch - [email protected]

We are so pleased that everyone's efforts have guaranteed access to the woodland for the patients of the Holy Cross Hospital - everything is now geared towards making the most helpful and meaningful resource possible for them. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed towards this cause - we massively appreciate it and you have made a huge difference.

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Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund On Jul 02, 2018

So the Brighton Capel Monster was ridden successfully by 95% of those who entered at the weekend, despite the blazing heat and heavy weight of the ludicrous amounts of cake in Capel bearing down upon contestants.

Highlights included 12 year old Barney completing the course with his dad Ben, the wonderful ladies of Capel Methodist Church putting on enough food to feed an army and our friend Phil coming all the way over from Canada to ride.

Also a special mention has to go to endurance athletes George and Vic, who were volunteering at the start having just completed one of the worlds hardest endurance races in Ireland. After mooching about a bit they decided to rent incredibly slow and heavy Brighton Bikes for a laugh, yet still managed to complete the blimming thing! Beers kindly donated by the Farr brewery brought the event to a chilled out finish by the beach.

The whole mood of the day was brilliant and the level of fundraising has gone up to over £13,000! The implementation of the Treehouse Project gets ever closer with the support of people like you. A massive, heartfelt thankyou has to go to Helen Kellar, Stuart Wilson and all the staff at Rayment Cycles for doing the organising. Cheers! :)

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Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund On Jun 03, 2018

Hey everyone, just a little note to show some of the training the amazing people who are supporting the Treehouse Project are doing in order to succeed in their various quests - we have 9 year old Joe preparing to ride the Taff Trail, 30-something (ish) Martin training to scull the Thames and the ever youthful Stass getting strong enough to scale 3 mountains in a 24 hour period. This on top of a variety of riders beginning to raise funding through the Brighton Capel Monster, which runs on 30th June - if you know anyone who is up for this then please do ask them to get in touch! Everyones support for the Treehouse Project is deeply appreciated and will do so much to improve the quality of life for the people we care about. Thanks again.

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Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund On May 03, 2018

Hey everyone. We now have a final design for the Treehouse Project, which I will try to upload here as soon as I get the technology sorted. It looks amazing though and we are really excited about the experience we will hopefully be able to provide for patients at the.Holy Cross.

We also have a sponsored bike ride going out of Brighton on 30/06/2018 - please ask anyone who might be interested to enter, we really need their help! http://brightoncapelmonster.com/ Entry is free to anyone who raises a mere £50 in sponsorship for the Treehouse Project. If anyone has any questions please do ask them to email me on [email protected] Cheers everyone!

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