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Update posted by Francie Missbach On Dec 24, 2017

Dear Friends,

Everyday we see and feel how relevant the work is we are doing here, and how beautiful and nourishing the relationships are that we are building - for both sides! We do not want to lose momentum now but capitalise on the insights and experiences we have already gained. Therefore we are now collecting money for phase two of the project.

Help us reach our new goal of 200%! We have only six days left!

The funds raised will be overseen by a committee consisting of members of our community of mindful volunteers. Together, we have been envisioning long-term projects which will have positive and sustainable impacts upon the well-being of the most vulnerable populations in Greece. For more info please see the text of our campaign.

Please help us to continue our loving work here in Athens by donating and sharing this crowdfunding campaign with your network!

Thank you so much! And Merry Christmas to all of you. May you be safe and warm.

Your Greece Sangha

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Update posted by Francie Missbach On Dec 23, 2017

Dear friends and donors!

Thank you so much for your inspiring and heart-warming generosity! With your help, we were able to reach our initial crowdfunding goal within only one week! This immense amount of positive feedback is a big motivation for us, and shows not only how much support we have for the work we are doing here, but also how wonderful and caring our network is!

Here is what your funds have been doing so far (October to December 2017):

  • New light fixtures installed at Hope Cafe (replacing dangerously dilapidated ones):

  • Food donations for Love and Serve Without Boundaries: loads of tomatoes, tomato paste, and cups and plates for serving food, baby formula for infants, decorations and small toys for children for a Christmas Party we help to organise.
  • Food donations for Hope Cafe: One 10 kilo bag of potatoes, and one 10 kilo bag of onions per week:

  • 60 kilos of buckwheat husks as we start collaborating with refugees to make meditation cushions.
  • 7 partial scholarships for mindful volunteers to help in a wide range of refugee camps and organisations:

  • Leading multiple weekly mindfulness workshops for NGO staff, volunteers, and groups of children.
  • 8 Wake Up Athens Gatherings:

  • Maarten and Mercia have been researching what needs to be done to start the social enterprise “Not a Factory” - a place which employs and empowers refugees and locals. While also working on the design of the identity and t-shirts:

We hope you´re all warm and safe.
With much love from Athens,
The Greece Sangha

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