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Update posted by Gayle Pedersen On Oct 02, 2017

With so many worthy causes out there these days, and millions of people far worse off than I am, I am more aware than most of what it means to part with $5 on a whim for someone who is struggling to make ends meet.

If you would like a detailed breakdown of how funds will be spent, I will be happy to provide it. I calculated my absolute minimum monthly budget earlier this year for a bursary negotiation to be ZAR7966 (rent, medical aid, phone, fuel, food; without things like medical emergencies or car parts falling off) and I was able to secure a ZAR6900 bursary from April to August. But now it's full speed ahead with thesis write-up so there's not a second to spare for job hunting (or even part time work until the thesis is submitted).

I am trying to raise enough to allow for 2-3 months of manuscript writing once the thesis is submitted and awaiting examiner feedback, and if I exceed my target it could potentially help with relocation to a site of prospective employment.

As I said, I am well aware of the struggles many of my fellow citizens are facing, particularly on missions to improve their circumstances and better their education, and all I can say is that I pay it forward. I always give back. For now my mission is just rhinos. But rhinos are an integral part of our economy and natural heritage. Tomorrow I would like my mission to be community empowerment through wildlife conservation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to support my campaign and you have access to PayPal...it is a quicker process for access to funds and the interest charged to me is less than for debit and credit card payments (which is 12% due to my location). So with PayPal more of your donation comes to me rather than to an interest fee ;)

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