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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Apr 03, 2018

Dear people, both donors and potential donors,

Extension of the campaign

As you may have seen, I extended the period of this campaign for a couple of months. As you may be aware a lot has happened. Both the invasion of Afrin, part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) and hard work by our team and likeminded organisations has been done. For example, we as Sallux have been working on a high-level conference in the European Parliament in Brussels. (for which you are warmly invited) A future for Democracy in Syria

The DFNS government will send a delegation headed by the Co-President Sanharib Barsom and several other representatives of the high council of the Federation. The delegation will consist of delegates from different ethnical and religious backgrounds, all working for the good of their people.

What about the movie project?

This movie project is still an important part of our future work for the People of North Syria. We see and recognise that most of the European media doesn't show the facts on the ground. The reports are keeping a lot of information out of the picture. For example the fact that there is a de facto self-ruling government, the DFNS, which is more than only "Kurds". The constant framing of YPG/YPJ as being the Syrian PKK, and thus acknowledging the right of Turkey to intervene - without looking into the facts - are the people of Afrin and the rest of the Federation really "governed" by terrorists? So the need for a documentary movie to show the real face of the people is there. But we do at the same time need extra funds to realize this project. We are investing a lot of money and energy in this case, because we believe it can be the turning point for peace and stability in the Middle-East and wider Mediterranean region. Thus, creating a situation that many refugees can return safely to their homelands and rebuild their societies according to the lines shown by the People of DFNS themselves. Multi-ethnical, multi religious political stability, freedom of conscious and religion, women’s rights and so on form the basis of the DFNS.

How will we approach this?

A lot of the materials have been filmed in Syria last September. Visiting Kobane, Raqqa, the government representatives and NGO’s on the ground. But we acknowledged that we missed a storyline – real people, normal people who took responsibility for their own future and their peoples. The coming days we will work on this storyline and on preparing interviews with the delegation of DFNS. Together with the materials directly filmed in Syria will give us enough high quality materials to create this movie.

What we need besides money?

Besides the requested amount we also need entrance to locations and opportunities to display and distribute the documentary. If you have ideas or can put us in contact with others, please feel free to contact us.

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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Feb 01, 2018

This update is very long - but very important - because it's why we are working on this movie in the first place. Please read it, share it and contribute / donate to the creation of this movie> It's now more needed then ever, since the mainstream media isn't showing this to you!

The current events around the invasion by Turkey, a distinct NATO member and ally, into a neighboring country are brought by the media from an isolated Turkish perspective. The mainstream media tells it like this: Turkey invades Afrin because they claim it's a terrorist threat > YPG/YPJ and their political party are PKK > so they are Kurdish terrorists. The problem of the mainstream media is that they do not go a step further: they don't do research on if this framing is true! What if, the YPG/YPJ don't act like terrorists, or they even are independent, in the sense that they are not controlled/guided by PKK as is claimed?

We know that what Turkey says and does isn't true, the opposite even: Turkey is the country which uses terrorist organisations like: Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Muslim Brotherhood and last but very least: ISIS/Daesh.. there is sufficient proof of that, available online, personal experiences and so on.

Here you see a screen capture from the Cumhuriyet website, loyal Turkish media showing a Al Qaeda fighter in the Afrin operation, (picture from 22 January 2018)

Now we come to a very delicate point: A NATO member is using real/proven terrorists to fight not proven terrorists (assumed by Turkey not recognized by UN/NATO and so on) and by the way the main fighting force on the ground for the international coalition against ISIS/Daesh. Not interesting enough for the mainstream media? Why be silent?

#NATO Deputy Secretary General visits Turkey while they are invading Afrin canton

Like and share this article and use: #notmyNATO

We are talking about Turkey here from which is proven, that they supported and still support terrorist organisations like MB, Al Qaeda, ISIS and so on. the proof is there:

  • From delivering weapons and ammunition,
  • buying of oil by companies owned by the Erdogan family
  • facilitate training camps,
  • medical care for ISIS/Daesh
  • transport from one Turkish/Syrian border to another to attack YPG forces in the back (Kobane for example)
  • artillery / mortar fire in support of ISIS operations. (For example the attack on the Khabour delta by Daesh where they first opened the floodgates in Turkey (so the Christian villagers could not go across the Khabour river, and these where the Christians abducted… which we now about, but what the media didn’t tell was the Turkish involvement) later on they did the opposite, closing the flood gates and help ISIS cross the river… but finally the seriousness came through in the Pentagon (since the M4 highway from Raqqa to Mosul crosses here. which would have given Daesh a direct connection between the two strongholds (Raqqa and Mosul)….
  • They helped attacks on Kobane… all is proven with photographs and so on… So a NATO (deputy) Secretary general stating that Turkey helps in the fight against terrorism…

I have a very important question: Why is the mainstream media and many international bodies silent about the assault on Afrin. Why is there in mainstream media land, NATO, UN or anywhere else nobody who falsifies / verifies the claims of Erdogan?

The only claim on which the assault is based: Terrorism!

The whole claim by Turkey clearly supported by NATO, and even an “idiot” like the British Foreign Affairs minister (I really have no other words for this low creature) is that #Afrin and the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava are terrorists. Mainstream media, in here reporting doesn’t; go any further then saying: Turkey claims that YPG, which govern Afrin are terrorists connected to the PKK.

How come that the (neo)liberal elite, be it mainstream media, politicians and activists. Who love federalism, who love (certain) Human rights, who defend refugees, who want women's rights, who want the freedom for religion, especially the freedom not to believe.. of course. Don’t take the time or the effort to check the facts…


Both NATO, UN, Mainstream media, liberal politicians know who to blaim and know who to point their fingers at.. when it’s about these topics right? Commissioner and Vice chair of the European Commission Frans Timmermans (Dutch Labour party, and also even in his position contributes to LGBT, George Soros foundations and other neoliberal lobby organisations, while he should be considered "neutral" president for the whole of Europe... ) regularly raises his fingers towards Poland, Hungary, the Czech republic and others, inside and outside of Europe if they do a number of things which aren’t liked or appreciated by “us” (I mean them.. the Liberal elite). Well I like to remind you of his personal involvement with Erdogan himself.. we could call them “friends”.

OK, Afrin and the Federation of Northern Syria are governed by…… Terrorists. OK, what if… that’s not true….. I know, Erdogan is the one we all trust. And won’t say things wo aren’t true.. right? OK let’s look at some basic parameters….

Freedom of religion… even for converts.

OK, this item isn’t the best item to interest neoliberal upper-class people.. but maybe if they here that it is also about the right…. NOT to believe? How is it possible in a terrorist state that people are free to live as they wish? Converted Muslims are free to become Christians and live freely as they do in e.g. #Kobane? Watch this movie clip and see for yourself. Christians are involved even at the highest level to participate in society, politics, government and military.

Some of the converted Kurdish Christian families we met during our visit in Kobane, they are allowed to show their faith and are very open, with a Bookstore and normal sign from their church.

Human rights

Human rights are respected, the Federation government helps many refugees in #Afrin and the rest of the area, mostly without help of bureaucratic institutions like #UNHCR (because: they don’t have an official recognized government to deal with… they aren’t allowed to enter that area, and …. it isn’t considered safe…. right…) So people inside the camps, in Afrin, but also the major camp near Kobane (which houses mainly Arab refugees from Raqqa) are almost entirely supported by the government of the Federation without much needed help from the NGO’s and help institutions (EUAID, UNHCR and many others who claim to help the Syrian people ARENT there!).

Christiaan 213201709100049
These are two very brafe CHRISTIAN fighting girls/women belonging to the Syriac Military Council MFS.

Women’s rights

Because this is one of the main issues for liberals and feminists alike, this issue is taken separate from the overall human rights: Women’s rights and women empowerment.. Would you believe that this “terrorist-state” has a double presidency? A Kurdish (power)women and a Christian Male president Sanharib Barsom? Women are working throughout society and run businesses, run government agencies, are leaders of political parties and governing bodies. The empowerment is being done by training women and men, in the way they would like society to be, men treating women equal. There are safe houses, honor(killings) are severely treated. Marriage is only allowed with one women.. Sorry neoliberal audience;;; the culture of these peoples isn’t that sophisticated as ours, so I hope you can respect their “culture”?

Here you can see both co-Presidents during a conference. Picture taken September 2017.

Government and democratic development

Well dear loving neoliberal upper-class people.. there is a well developed democratic system underway. The PYD (the political party to which the “terrorist” YPG?YPJ) are belonging) have created a situation that a lot of other political parties have been set up. There is a democratic multi party (and I really mean multi party system) in place. There have been a couple of elections. The latest where last year for local and regional elections.

As I said before, The federation level has a Kurdish women co-president and a male Christian co-president.. the same we see at the local and regional levels.

How can a region, controlled and dominated by terrorists florish, many different peoples, including many Arabs, Christians, Yezidi and others live in peace without major incidents…. and even become the best fighting force on the ground for the International Coalition. The SDF was the group which fought their way through Raqqa and defeated ISIS there. There where Christians involved as well, as you can see in this movie clip.

Conclusion about the claim made by Erdogan/Turkey.
It is a complete lie. I even dare to say that it is completely the opposite. Turkey a country where many people are in jail, just because they have different ideas. A country where Turks want to rule other ethnicities, a government widely known to have ties with real terrorist organisations: ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quada (through their bearded men’s forces which they also use in Afrin….) But unfortenately the mainstream media isn’t able or willing (or both) to connect the dots on the map. Taking all individual “incidents” seperately and not look to the bigger picture. Turkey is a facsist state which used refugees to blackmail Europe.

So Why?? European Liberals, European Commission, European Mainstream media elites.. why do you choose for the evil, and not for the ones who are creating a “liberal” society in the Middle East?

Conclusion about NATO

How is it possible on this earth that the institutions speaking of peace, human rights, helping refugees (IN EUROPE) values, women’s rights, right to believe or not to believe… Oh yes, and #NATO doesn’t like #fakenews as been published by #Russia #Putin. They don’t like governments committing atrocities towards civilians as is #Russia doing… They don’t like governments and militaries who invade neighboring countries like #Russia is doing, they don’t like countries where freedom of press and the judicial system is treated wrongly.. All theyr statements agains “aggressive” Russia is equally, and in many cases even worse applicable to #Turkey. Does NATO have multiple identities? Unfortunately my conclusion is that NATO isn’t the organization they are claiming to be. They are equally the same as Russia, the use false information, false claims, fake news and ultimately propaganda means. They even themselves invade countries – in the name of security. For me this is a disappointment because NATO once was the freedom pillar of European security, safety and prosperity. If we can’t believe NATO (and the mainstream media, what’s the point of discussing Fakenews?

Saying you have values, but not use them, that’s NATO.

It’s a shame that NATO is silent on this, since the facts are there. Besides NATO is completely acting against it’s own principles, it’s own original intentions.. namely protecting peace, freedom and prosperity. I always thought of NATO as a just and honorable organization, contrary to the dictatorships of the world. The Soviet union (Warsaw pact) the dictatorship of Russia, Iran, North-Korea and so on. But my eyes have opened now. Seeing the words of a NATO official admiring the perpetrator of Ethnical cleansing, Genocide of Armenians and so many more people which suffered by the hands of “our allies” the Turks. This clearly is #notmyNATO

I end this very important blog with a quote: credited to Edmund Burke (but there where others who used it / the same kind as well:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (like NATO) to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

I would really like to make this story, which is so close to my heard, and which does pain seeing that our society, our governments, our NATO aren’t doing the just thing. they aren’t de “good’ guys they say they are.

Please, share, like and retweet this message as much as possible, use the hashtag #notmyNATO to force NATO leadership in another direction. For the sake of a free and democratic world, a free and democratic middle East…. and Europe!

If you want to have a more "neutral" fact check please read the following article!

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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Dec 11, 2017

As the firsts video we shared was about Christian soldiers who fought in Raqqa (Syria) against ISIS we have a new short movie and extended article prepared for you. We had some interesting insightfull meetings with people who we now can call brothers and sisters. We met with Converted Christians, previously muslim kurdish citizens of Kobane. This story shows the freedom of religion is alive in the Federation of Northern Syria, not only for those who have a Christian cultural, ethnical background... also for converts.

Help us prepare the real (about one hour) documentary which we are working on!


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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Oct 17, 2017

We had Marco Gombacci editor of The European Post with us during our investigation trip to #Syria and #Iraq. Our experience gained valuable insights on the #FederationofNorthernSyria governing. #freedomoffaith #WomenRights and #liberty.

We work together with Marco on the creation of a documentary on this. Help us with the creation of this documentary by donating: https://gogetfunding.com/culture-of-freedom-movie/


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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Oct 03, 2017

For this documentary we are working together with Marco Gombacci, Editor of the European Post. Marco has already been reporting about the Christian's taking up arms against ISIS.

Here is a linkt to his Italian article.

More will follow in English

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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Sep 19, 2017

We have started already with our plan / project to visit and research the Northern Syrian Democratic situation by visiting and talking with ordinary people and community leaders.

movie clip : reaching Syria

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Update posted by Christiaan Meinen On Sep 01, 2017

Sallux and our European mother party - European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) are working on the position of minorites in Iraq and Syria from the moment it erupted in 2014. Since then a lot has been done for which we are thankfull.


Spreading a culture of freedom in the Middle East and Central Asia to tackle three European challenges: terrorism, refugee streams and integration

The rise of right-wing populism and anti-political sentiment has become one of the major challenges of the EU. The Brexit vote is partly connected to this development. This sentiment is not disconnected from reality. While it is partially inspired by blatant racism, we need to face the fact that this anti-political mood is also based on a number of very real problems that have a direct impact on the wellbeing of our societies. These challenges are terrorism, integration and refugee streams, which are closely connected in various ways. For example, refugees are fleeing from terrorism, while a lack of integration and extremism are inspiring young Muslims to join ISIS. Many more connections can be pointed out, such as connections between the countries of origin and non-European communities in Europe.

These challenges are not always connected, but often are. Where they are connected, they find their common source in Muslim-majority countries and cultures. That fact has been exploited by the far right and right-wing populists. On the left, however this connection is denied or pushed aside for various ideological reasons. Neither approach is helpful. The major centrist parties have so far offered only partial solutions that do not address either the whole or the roots of these challenges.

We need to go beyond these approaches. We need a holistic approach and a mature understanding of the causes of these challenges. We need an approach that recognises that these challenges are cultural and that aims to unlock the potential of the people concerned at the same time.

Our meta-analysis is that these challenges find their common root in a culture of unfreedom that is present in society from the macro to the micro level. To overcome this challenge, Europe needs to promote a culture of freedom both inside and outside Europe. Some crucial benchmarks for a culture of freedom are:

  • Women‘s rights (fundamental freedoms, equality and equal dignity and value of women)
  • Freedom of religion at a personal and collective level (freedom to choose another or no faith)
  • Personal choice (freedom of women and young people to develop and choose their lifestyle)
  • Learning to live in democratic structures and with a plurality of peoples and opinions
  • Freedom for and of (organised) diversity within the community
  • Cooperation of ethnicities with equal footing and value

We need to realise that people of all religions and backgrounds need fundamental freedoms to flourish.

Our experience with the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava has offered a unique perspective on the connections between the referenced challenges and how they can be solved together with the communities involved. We have seen freedom rising thanks to the heroic efforts of the peoples of Northern Syria: Syriac Christians, Kurds and Arabs, Muslims and Christians who together sacrificed and are still sacrificing so much to win their freedom.

If Europe wants a long-term, sustainable solution to the challenges coming from the MENA/Central Asian region, it needs to come to a clear strategic conclusion. The strategic conclusion that follows from the above is that it is paramount for the EU and its member states to promote a culture of freedom across MENA and Central Asia, which will support integration in Europe as well. Obviously the EU Member States will have to apply these principles as well in integration efforts towards the related communities which will inn return have a positive influence at the MENA/Central Asian region. This comprehensive approach is fundamental for the long-term security and political stability of the EU.

from our website

Just to give you an impression here are some of our newsarticles.

European Parliament Resolution on Iraqi minoritiesEuropean Parliament Resolution on Iraqi minorities

Help refugees return to Syria

Hope, help and empowerment for Iraqi Christians

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