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Update posted by Krystel Cortez On Oct 16, 2017


We are preparing for our fourth batch of Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return! So far, we have spayed, neutered, and vaccinated 30 cats for rabies but there are so many more that we have yet to fix. We believe that Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return is the only humane and effective way to control the stray and feral population crisis happening right now. If you are working in TechnoHub, or know someone who is, and is free on the said date and time, help us catch them! Do something to make a difference. Save a stray, save a life! #TNRbatch4 #GottaCatchThemAll

❤️ All volunteers will receive a special gift from Cats of Technohub!
❤️ Choose "GOING" in our event: https://goo.gl/XyvV7k

Thank you for your donation and continuous support to our advocacy to change the lives of the TechnoHub cats fur-ever!!

The Cats of TechnoHub


Can I adopt one? Me and my wife really wanted to have a cat. My name is Lester Santos and I’m from Affinity located at 4th fl bldg delta. You can contact me at 09555138535. Hope to hear from you soon!!! Thanks

Lester Santos

Update posted by Feb 06

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Update posted by Krystel Cortez On Sep 27, 2017


Ika (left) and Coffee (right), are two of our luck thirty spayed/neutered cats. They have chosen their hoomans recently, followed them until their hoomans can no longer resist not to take them, and now spending the rest of their nine lives in their fur-ever homes! Their TechnoHub titas and titos will surely miss them!

For more timely update on the daily lives of Cats of TechnoHub, please follow their Facebook page: Cats of TechnoHub and Instragram: @technohubcats.


Yay! So happy to hear this

Katrina Ballecer

Update posted by Sep 27

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Update posted by Krystel Cortez On Aug 30, 2017

As of today, a total of 30 lucky Technohub cats were already spayed/neutered and returned back to their territories. All these was made possible by donations, hand in hand support, help, and sponsorship from Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation (PPBCC), Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Welfare Philippines, Friends of Campus Animals (FOCA), and volunteers from in and out of TechnoHub! Thank you!

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Update posted by Aileen Estoquia On Aug 04, 2017

Nine cats (2 mother cats and their respective litter of kittens) were taken to foster homes today, one of which will be eventually adopted.

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Update posted by Aileen Estoquia On Aug 03, 2017

Hello! Thank you so much for your donations.

We have scheduled the spay/neuter of 5 cats (3 female, 2 male) this weekend. The surgery is free courtesy of an organization in UP, so we only need to spend for the medicines and post-surgery care of the cats. :)

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