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Update posted by Deric Solam On Oct 10, 2017

For updates about Rejoice, Please see her FB page. Thank you all for your support!


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Update posted by Deric Solam On May 25, 2017


for updates about Rejoice. Please like this page:



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Update posted by Deric Solam On May 18, 2017

Update: Treatment Protocol For Rejoice

Just this morning our Pedia-hema onco came in and gave us Rejoice's treatment protocol for Leukemia.

Later this afternoon she will have her 1st chemotherapy session.

Doctor said that with her case there is an 80% probability that she will get cured as long as we adhere to her treatment protocol and follow doctor's Do's and Dont's.

However, we should make sure that she will not get any infection throughout the whole treatment which usually will take 2-3 years of ongoing chemotherapy. Acquiring infection can make her situation worst and all the more will cost us a LOT.

Prayer items for Rejoice Treatment process:

1. Since Rejoice is now considered immuno-compromised and is prone to infection especially during the treatment. Please Pray for covering and no complications all throughout the treatment.

2. Side-Effects. During the treatment side-effects are expected. Please pray that there will be only minimal to no side-effects at all.

3. FINANCES/PROVISIONS. This will be a long battle for us and for her. The first month will be a tough month for us since it is the most rigid month of the treatment. We are required to admit in the hospital every week during the first month of treatment.

Please pray that there will be continuous help coming in for Rejoice's medicines and admissions.

Also, help us pray that God will give us the budget we need so we can transfer back here in Davao to avoid travelling to and fro which can make Rejoice more susceptible in getting infection.

4. Healthcare Team. Please pray for her doctors and the nurses who handled and will handle her in future. May God anoint them with healing hands. It pays to have the best doctor in town.

5. COMPLETE HEALING. Please pray for a miracle.

Thank you so much for ALL your help. Rejoice will be forever thankful for eveything you did to her in saving her life.

We are also grateful to our doctor who guided and educate us about her condition and most especially in putting her expertise to help Rejoice survive.

Rejoice is a REAL fighter and stays to be tough throughout this difficult times.

If you are someone or know someone who helps children with Leukemia please let them know about Rejoice and they can either send their help through the link (found in About page) or can send us an email/PM or can contact us through our mobile numbers.

Any help we can get from you means a LOT to us especially to her.

God bless you ALL! 😘

for live updates. Pls see her FB page here:


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Update posted by Deric Solam On May 17, 2017

Bone Marrow Aspiration Done!

Thank you Lord for keeping Rejoice Safe during the procedure.

Sorry - but I can't post or share what happened during the procedure, 2 things: 1. It's prohibited 2. it's painful for me since I saw the whole thing (almost).

Thank you for ALL those who prayed for her. Next battle to overcome is her chemotherapy.

Thank you for all those who helped us! God bless us all!

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Update posted by Deric Solam On May 16, 2017

Update on Rejoice's condition:

Just this morning our Pedia-Oncologist brought us the most painful news we never expected in our entire parenthood...

She told us that she saw a lymphocytes blast (meaning cancer cells) through her peripheral blood smear testing where she said she is 90% sure that Rejoice is positive in Leukemia.

Tomorrow at 9am she will undergo bone marrow biopsy and FISH and after all these procedures we will proceed with her 1st chemotherapy session if not this week, next week.

Reality Bites: We don't where to get our resources to overcome all these expenses we are facing right now..

as of today the money that was raised for Rejoice is at 15k through GoGetFunding and we still need at least P100k approximately $2,000 for this admission alone (treatment not included).

If you can share this link/post to your friends and to those who wants to help cancer patient like my daughter we would appreciate any help from you.

If you don't have PayPal access you can send through my BPI acct:

Frederic Solam

Bank of the Philippine Islands

8099 1366 51

Thank you for any help you can give us to help extend Rejoice life, we can't do this without you. God bless you ALL!

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