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Update posted by Aaron Trachtenberg On Jan 06, 2018

We are sorry it has been so long since the last update. We have not had any good news to share, until now. Shannon completed 5 weeks of radiation therapy in the summer but unfortunately during that time the lymphoma spread to several other sites in her body. This was a major setback and she did not get her stem cell transplant. Thanks to the hard work of her medical team, she was able to get access to a new type of treatment, immunotherapy, and has completed several cycles. Her latest scans just before Christmas show a partial response. This means that, although the tumour sites are still present, they are finally starting to shrink. If things continue to go in the right direction she will go ahead with the allogeneic stem cell transplant hopefully in early spring. This is the best news we have had in a year, but Shannon still has a long way to go if she is going to kick this thing for good. We thank everyone for their continued support.

In other news, we are pleased to introduce the latest member of Team Shannon: Rosie! She's been in charge of making sure Shannon gets plenty of rest, and takes her job very seriously.

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Update posted by Aaron Trachtenberg On Jul 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

We wanted to give all of Shannon's supporters a brief update. Unfortunately the new chemotherapy regimen did not work as we had all hoped. This means the stem cell transplant with her own cells is no longer the best option. She has started daily radiation therapy Monday-Friday for the next 5 weeks and is also in the preliminary phases of finding a donor for an allogeneic stem cell transplant.

The last month has been very hard, with a lot of waiting and uncertainty. Shannon had another biopsy to see if anything has changed with the cancer. We are excited to be part of a research study where they will do genetic testing on the biopsy sample to see if that can give us some answers.

Although radiation will come with its own side effects, Shannon welcomes the break from chemotherapy and was able to have her PICC line removed today.

Any messages of support or well-wishes are always welcomed and appreciated, Shannon could use it now more than ever. Thank you again.

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Update posted by Aaron Trachtenberg On May 19, 2017

Thank you all for your generous donations!

Shannon and I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of love, support and well wishes everyone has shown her through this site. We are both extremely fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives rooting for her during this challenging time. We can't thank you enough!

Quick update: Shannon had a PICC line placed, has completed cycle 1 of her new chemo regimen, and is hanging in there. She experienced a few complications this week requiring multiple trips to the ER and hospital but things are settling down now and she is doing okay.


Thinking of you Shannon... sending nothing but positive vibes as you fight this battle! Stay strong and keep smiling :)

Courtney Stewner

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