Updates on Safe Passage out of Ecuador for my Pets and Family

Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Aug 05, 2017

Dear all, its been a struggle this last two months, I had to quickly leave Ecuador while my fiance was in hospital and I was being discouraged of his recovery. Now, for the last three weeks I have been speaking with Petronio on the phone, he is fully recovered from his ordeal and I have just arrived in Spain to ask the Spanish Embassy and the Ecuadorian Embassy if they can grant him asylum and a special visa. so wish us heaps of luck. He is doing well, has recovered his travel documents but now we seriously need to get him out of Ecuador to safety now he is recovered and there is hope here in Spain. Keep sending us lots of good luck, thank you so far to everyone that has supported us both through this horrific ordeal.


May you and Petronio be reunited at last and receive a wedding gift of your pets.

Michael Carey

Update posted by Aug 06

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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jul 08, 2017

It is really very strange to go from fearing for my life against a powerful elite who manage the Petroleum and Pharmaceutical industry in Ecuador to suddenly find myself in the western world of normality and the luxuries that folks in the west take for granted. I am still processing a great deal of personal trauma of what has unfolded over the last 3 months and need to heal, and although its stressful looking for a stable income and worrying about how to pay my rent in Ecuador and how I will find the funds to get my pets out of Ecuador to another country because I did not raise enough to reach my goal, which means I have to deal with returning in November to go back for them, so this story and the risks for me are still not over.

I am very sad about my partner as he is completely mentally broken and under complete control again now, I have not been permitted to communicate with him and now I have left the country which is what they wanted. I had to leave Ecuador as his family had me under surveillance and I feared greatly for my life. They control the Petroleum, Forestry and Pharmaceutical Industries and this ties into why they wanted me out since my work there was for the preservation of the Amazon and writing about the activities of the Petroleum and mining companies in Ecuador, they are part of the multigenerational MKUltra Mind Control programmes as are all elite families in Central and South America in order to keep control of the natural resources, if anyone wants documentation proof of this, I can email you the evidence including a newly released CIA document on Andres's great grandfather who was a Colonel who had escaped Nazi Germany to Argentina after the second world war, they tried to train Andres to become a handler, but he is too empathic and this continuously got in the way of his being used as a tool for various government agendas. I have sent all documentation and evidence to various high profile figures for public release in the event something still may happen to me.

Still, I am glad to have a little respite for now until I have to go back to Ecuador to extract my pets who are currently being adored by some excellent pet sitters. I have a great number of people I have to extend my deep gratitude for helping as I was really at severe breaking point myself fearing for my life and after seeing what my partner went through, I hope one day I can help him find asylum and although I still need to find stability, I owe my life and current safety to many kind souls, it brings tears to my eyes.....Thank you isn't enough.

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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jun 24, 2017

I am getting ready to meet a nice couple today who are going to be pet sitting for my furry family so I can go and work in the EU and raise the rest of the funds needed to fly my pets out of Ecuador.I will be away for 5 months working, then I return and the paperwork process for my pets can continue, which takes four months, sending the blood off to the EU and waiting for their health certificates is the most expensive and time consuming part of all of this process. In the meantime my partner is still recovering from his ordeal mentally unfortunately, the psychiatric doctor said he will need the rest of this year to get over the mentally fragile state that he is currently in due to the torture he experienced from the kidnapping. Hopefully by next spring my pets and my partner will be able to leave with me. I thank everyone that has helped us so far, from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone for their kindness. This has been one of the biggest traumas of my life and at times, I am still very concerned about my own safety and I hope to arrive in Europe safely in the next week. I have close friends who have files and data that explains some of the reasons why my partner could have been kidnapped and tortured. Should anything happen to me between now and then, these files will be made public.


You really dont understand, I have to leave my life is in danger in Ecuador, my petsitters are lovely, they come from Trusted Pet Sitters.com and are a wonderful couple who are keeping me updated frequently on my pets. Unfortunately, I dont have control over Andres or who governs his care after I had to leave him with a member of his family that were finally willing to take care of him, he is mentally broken and still recovering, if he was able to travel I would have taken him out of the country but he was under no condition to do so. If I had the ability to make further choices for him, he would be in a holistic healing centre and no psychiatrists! However, his family are very powerful, they control forestry, petroleum and the pharmaceuticals, they are part of the Monarch MKUltra programme and I had to get out as soon as I could because they were heavily monitoring me. All I can do now is hope he will recover and contact me so I can then help him get asylum out of the country.

Carlita Shaw

Update posted by Jul 08


I am a little concerned that you are considering leaving your furry family with a couple you have never met. I am also concerned that you have faith in "any" psychiatric doctors. Hopefully, everything will work out for the best and you will be reunited with your family and partner in due time and in a safe environment.

Michael Carey

Update posted by Jun 25

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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jun 15, 2017

I am going to offer a speaking presentation about the plight of the Amazon and about my book when I am in the EU or UK so if you are interested in hosting an even so I can give a talk please contact me at thesilentecocide at gmail dot com this will also help raise funds for my pets to fly to the EU.

I have been away trying to organize a backup plan and have been looking for a pet sitter, since we have not reached our fundraising goal. I have to go on ahead to the EU to hunt for work and try raise the funds to bring my pets back. Some days its hard to trust the universe. Takes work at times, especially when one has just gone through trauma and loss, my partner is still recovering'from deep trauma in hospital too after a complete breakdown and it isn't looking like he will be recovering for some months. I have ten days before I leave for Europe for work to try and drum up further funds for my pets to fly to the EU as we still need 1200 for their blood tests ad the 1800 KLM flight, I didn't previously factor in my rent and living costs as I fell behind with rent when Andres was kidnapped and I lost my job as I had to take time off to look for him when he went missing. I am looking for work in the EU possibly teaching in Spain/France/Italy for the time being as well as some ecological consultancy work in the UK but nothing concrete.

I have not yet found a pet sitter that is suitable and have only 10 days to find one that is the most painful part is having to leave my pets at all, since they are my babies and the closest thing to a family I have. I am so grateful to those that have supported this campaign and to some of my friends who have been amazing through all this even at a distant. Its people like you who give me courage and faith thank you I am very grateful. Am hoping and praying each day that I am doing the right thing..........Please if you could still continue to share my crowdfund so I can raise the rest for my pets to be with me.


Thank you Michael, I don’t really have any other choices so I just have to have faith. I have just found some fantastic pet sitters so that helps a bit. Fingers crossed all I need now is to raise funds for my pets work in Europe. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your support! Sending a hug from the Equator.

Carlita Shaw

Update posted by Jun 16


Obviously, I can’t know what you are going through. But I am put in mind of the book, Not Without My Daughter. Would I do the same in your situation? I can’t answer that. I can only hope that you are making the best decision under the circumstances and that you will be reunited with your pets on a brighter day.

Michael Carey

Update posted by Jun 15

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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jun 01, 2017

More on the dangers of environmental activism in Ecuador


Ecuador’s unicameral National Assembly has pledged to promptly investigate an amnesty for indigenous leaders

Leaders of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador(Conaie) requested amnesty and pardon for 177 people indicted for protesting against former President Rafael Correa.

The petition for amnesty for 177 people and the pardon of another 20, was delivered last Tuesday May 30 in the National Assembly, with the backing of 8,800 signatures.

“Today, we received an amnesty proposal from @ CONAIE_Ecuador for pertinent analysis. The new @Ecuador Assembly is open to dialogue,” said the head of the Legislature, José Serrano.

“It is not an issue that should be dealt with in a general manner, but rather by this Assembly; they will receive a response as soon as possible,” he added.

Meanwhile, Conaie explained that the list includes indigenous peoples, farmers, human rights activists, and environmental activists, as well as social leaders, “criminalized for protesting and demanding their rights in Ecuador.”

“We are not asking for forgiveness, we demand JUSTICE and FREEDOM for all social activists,” said the leaders on their Twitter account, which also mentioned that “the fight does not end with the petition for amnesty for 177 people, it deepens CONAIE’s platform for political engagement.”

The National Assembly will request the repeal of an article in the Comprehensive Criminal Code that in its vision criminalizes protests through the typification of attack and resistance. A suit will also be filed before the Constitutional Court.


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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On May 31, 2017

Please keep sharing this campaign in the meantime I am going to leave you with a painting and a poem of mine, to say thank you for your support and encouraging comments, we deeply appreciate it!

The Exiled Dissidents

Changing nations and destinations,
war machine insanity,
war lords herding humanity,
Ignore the chess players,
and their power games


Time to start answering our own prayers
to build foundations with sustainable aims,
instead of being the victims of an apocalypse
Let's embrace communal relationships
and reject the terrorism of politicians and corporations


Sustainability and alternative energy our new foundation,
truth and transparency our new song,
The Earth's pain, our deepest urgency
Kindness our currency, courage our unity
to plant seeds and map new territory


Farewell to the archaic,
Visionaries, exiled dissidents shunned by the prosaic,
we have ran out of time,
make way for a new paradigm,
freedom is our chosen path and truth our only crime.
by Carlita Shaw

Artwork-Migrating Geese. Watercolour. CS

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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On May 29, 2017

This is Milu, tired and back from the vet.

I have been out dealing with vets all day to get the best quotes for my pets travel, I will start emailing copies of my book to everyone that has contributed to this campaign tonight. Thank you so much for the lovely comments and support people have been showing us. It means so much to us right now.

We took Milu to the vet today, she is my newest rescue dog, she is the only one that hasn't been vaccinated and microchipped until now. So we did that for her today with the contributions that have been coming in, THANK YOU.

Unfortunately we have to wait a month before we can take the blood samples from Milu, as she has to wait for the antibodies to develop from the Rabies injection. Then we can take all the blood of each pet and send it to Europe the cost is a lot more than I expected, 300 dollars per blood test per pet, so that is two dogs and two cats, 1200 dollars!!!! So that was a bit of a shock to hear. But hopefully we can cover the costs if we reach our goat on this campaign and so far so many amazing people have been generous enough to help

Then we are not allowed to travel until 3 months after the blood tests are taken and sent, so we have to wait here for four months before we can get out of the country. This part is frustrating, due to international bureaucracy, pet travel rules to the EU from Ecuador are complicated, so the fastest I can get my pets out of here is by September at the very latest.

My kitties as well as my doggies are very important to me, I rescued them when they were only a week old, I found them dumped by the side of the road two weeks after I had a hysterectomy in 2015 due to tumours, I made a photojournal of their progress and growth, which you can see here , now they are very big since this last photo was taken.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support, I will start sending out books tonight to everyone that has helped as a small gesture of our appreciation

please feel free to ask us any questions at [email protected]

This is a recent pic of me and my lovely rescue dog Honita, her mother was poisoned when she was a puppy, I cannot provide any pictures of my partner as he is in hospital and due to his ordeal he needs to be protected as much as possible. However I am already out there with my book, articles and podcasts so here I am, very grateful for all those incredibly caring folks out there reading this. Thank you so much!

We need Protection, Patience and Prayers

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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On May 28, 2017

I will be sending out 30+ Copies of The Silent Ecocide for Kindle today to everyone that has donated to my crowdfund. With profound gratitude Thank you for helping us get closer to safer soil.

We have support in the alternative community with spreading our story please read here if you haven't been to the Natural News Site already, huge thanks to Mike Adams and Farsam Shadab for making that happen.

For a more detailed story please go to my blog here to read about The Dangers of Activism in Ecuador

If you wish to send me an email and ask any questions or give any advice about the issues covered in these articles and my situation please contact me at [email protected]

With deep gratitude to all those that are helping us either via donations or via sharing our story, thank you so much, it means a lot to see that people do care and take this seriously.

Here's to paying kindness forward.


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Update posted by Carlita Shaw On May 07, 2017

While we are trying to stay safe, organizing paperwork and patiently awaiting advice from various dilplomats and embassies, on the safest places for refuge and assylum for my partner Andres Petronio Ortega Bravo, and a first step to safety for myself and my pets. We would like to take the opportunity to thank our closest friends and family and new supporters for starting the ball rolling with this campaign, you have made donations that will help us escape the current adversities and persecution which we face as a result of our work while we have been subjected to continued harrassment and surveillance from Ecuadorian government representatives of the Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries protecting their interests.


Why not come to the US?

Noreen Fish

Update posted by May 28


Thank you so much Lynne, yes its impossible these days to achieve any environmental conservation work anywhere in the world in a time Corporations have far more rights than people or the planet. Thank you for your kind words and for your support, I will email you a pdf copy of my book if you left your email. Or just email [email protected] for a pdf copy and I will update you on our progress. With deep gratitude. Carlita

Carlita Shaw

Update posted by May 27


I have great admiration for you no Andres, the very important work you have done, and the book and articles you have written. But Iam so sorry you are being persecuted and intimidated by these evil and greedy corporations who are stealing and destroying this beautiful planet that is our only home. I used to dream of doing the same work, but I can see it has gotten to be too dangerous. I wish you a safe escape and enduring happiness in your future, including your partner, and your beloved companion animals. God bless you.

Lynne Huntley

Update posted by May 27

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