Updates on Help Mikael´s Spinal Medical Costs

Update posted by Nicholas Hale On May 03, 2018

Here below is his recent Spinal Update Video Log “post all metal out” and 16 Day Water Fast completion. Total Spinal Regeneration is gently but surely happening!

What an amazing journey! Keep up the financial love support please.


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Update posted by Nicholas Hale On Mar 03, 2018

Mikael the "Mirakle" is currently in a super deep L2 bone regeneration and post 2nd major surgery recovery time in Mt. Alvernia Hospital in Singapore. After 11 months, On his Recent Birthday, He has miraculously removed all his "metal implants" from his spine. He will not be working for some time, up to 6 months.

Please continue to help support financially if you can. You can paypal him directly to avoid fees at: [email protected]

Thank you very much.

Here is his latest social media FB post:

Aloha Dear Family!

I AM Coming Home to Total Spinal Wholeness. Deep Heart appreciation to all of you who held Rebirthday prayers and coherent intentions in your own unique way to give my new Lumbar a boost in Full power, Flexibility & total support Regeneration. I am in awe of the amount of grace that has come into this process of recovery. It has not been an easy road, this has been my 7th near death experience in just this one avatar dream existence. I swear, even though many of you have seen me smiling and positive, In the last 3 months especially I have gone to bed and I wake up in fear of paralysis, fear of not walking properly again, fear of spinal deformity, fear of being in a wheelchair the rest of my life if I remove all these metals from my spine.

To be honest, Even 5 neurosurgeons said I could not remove these metals and the 1 Neurosurgeon who finally did said in 1000 operations, he has never done this, guess it’s a first time for everyone. I also had to be Epi-genetically strong enough to say NO to all post Op painkillers, painmeds, and anti-biotics and much more! You absolutely have no idea how much deep & focused work it has been to get to this state of being where I am honoring the titanium gods that saved my life and now the new spinal body and new life of empowered grace begins. Get ready for the Spinal Mirakle book coming soon!

A HUGE Thank you to Dr. James Tan, Dr. Lai, all the ICU nurses and staff at Mt. Alvernia and Gleneagles, thank you Kah Keh, Siewfan of Gallery Helios, Adeline, Noel, Saraswati, Anne, Gerold and especially to Dr. Joe Dispenza and all his coherent advanced training practices. Coupled with my own bio-hacking Imaginal cell and BreathLight training meditations, I would not be where I am today. And most of aIl, thank you to the Divine Loving Intelligence that connects us all, It is time to expand deep into my Personal Regeneration now. I will be removing my face and body from all social media for a big exhale moment coming soon. Thank you for loving me. I love you all. Mirakles are you. We are born Mirakles and we will bodily ascend dimensionally as Mirakles. 💚 #mirakleking #betheMiraclenow #appreciation#goingdeep #innerspace #divinejoy #breathlight #mu_starz #divineintelligence

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Update posted by Nicholas Hale On Jul 19, 2017

Aloha Beloved Support Family


This is Mikael.

So in June I found out in Singapore from an expert neurosurgeon that I can have my Titanium Implants removed Universe willing that my L2 will totally fuse and come back into full alignment with L1 and L3. So please hold this vision.

Since then and into July, I have been feeling really clear and focused after several weeks of Neuro-Rehab, Colonics/Enemas, IV Ozones, Violet Laser Therapy, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Changin my Diet Drastically (ate a burger for the first in almost 20 yrs) Pilates, Thai Yoga Massage, Osteo Alignment Sessions, Rehabing diligently and tons of rewiring visualization on my right leg and foot nerve cells so i can feel & walk normally again.

Your financial appreciation dollars has enabled me to do all these alternative therapy things, so thank you tons!

So at this point, I have mobility but not a whole lot of feeling.

BUT if you can believe this, I danced for the first time last week, was almost in tears truly on the floor...couldn't do all that I wanted but just flowed with it.

Body Miracles are my everyday life existence.

I also just water fasted for the last 5 days and it has shifted my entire being, I just highly recommend you get off the computer and go home to the Raw Earth, it's amazing, the absolute best medicine ever.

Stem Cells rejuvenate and form after days of water fasting.

I will continue to keep you updated as things progress. Also I will be upping my campaign asking fund soon as the estimates for the 2nd removal of implant surgery have come up, and they are close to an additional $20,000 USD.

Thank you all, again and again for all your loving financial support and commentary words.

It really means a lot me.

With your help, I will return 100% soon.

with new golden spinal love,

Mikael King :)

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