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Update posted by Donna Drutis On Mar 23, 2017

Hello guys!

Sorry for not being connected, I drowned my laptop in the pool! But there is good news! My goal became closer! Already 4 percent!

Results raised:

Offline: 1000$

Online: 1735$

Total: 2735$

Backers: 27

Thank you very much!

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Update posted by Donna Drutis On Feb 27, 2017

Hello guys!

Many thanks for your help! Thanks to caring people I believed that I could realize his dream!

I have received very much support at home and at work, and since the establishment of the company I have accumulated $ 300! But most of all I have helped people unknown to me! I was very much struck, once again many thanks to all who helped!

Results raised:

Offline: 310$

Online: 765$

Total: 1075$


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