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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Mar 07, 2017

Here is my wrap-up update on the collars made from this campaign. 60 collars have been made so far and the last batch will be ready this week. The collars have been put onto the cattle by Kathy gradually and part of the stock will be reserved for the coming season or year to replace those from wear and tear.

THANK YOU once again for your support, please follow our benefitors here after on "Where Is Melvin?" Facebook page.


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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Feb 13, 2017

Hope everyone is well despite the rather chilly weather!

After the Chinese New Year, production is gradually back in business. I am pleased to share that Kathy, aka our cow lady, has been working hard, not only to continue nursing the injured cattle and feeding their thirsts, she has so far got 30 collars made and more are being made.

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Feb 01, 2017

Kung Hei Fat Choi! May your kindness bring you a very prosperous Year of Rooster!

The collar making has slowed down due to Chinese New Year break. We hope to get the momentum going once tailor is back to work. Until then, here are two of our beauties spotted with collars on.

No. 222

No. 123

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 24, 2017

More collars have been made, there will be more coming after Chinese New Year break.

Just to share with you that making this collar is not a straight forward job. Materials are not hard to find, they are available in market like Sham Shui Po. However, a premium is needed to pay a tailor who is willing to make this collar as the material used is very thick and easily damages the needle of a sewing machine. Hence, moving forward, if you know a tailor who is willing to sew these collars please contact us. That will lower the cost to get the collar made and repaired from wear & tear.

Another collar is on No 57!

Kathy, aka The Cow Lady, putting a replacement collar on No 58.

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 23, 2017

A massive THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the donations, kindness and encouragement. You have no idea how much hope this campaign has given the lady who has been looking after the cattle all these years, now she knows that there are people besides her do care, and it IS possible to get all the collars made to keep the cattle being blindly hit by cars.

I will keep adding updates here and if you are interested in learning more about the cattle or trying to help, please do drop us a line.


A heartfelt thank you too all from the Tai O Communitty Cattle Group! We we get these made and on the cows asap! Kathy Daxon chairperson 51814406 https://www.facebook.com/WhereIsMelvin/

Kathy Daxon

Update posted by Jan 24

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 23, 2017

Versus the old collar that only glows at night, the new collars from this fund raising campaign is an eye-catching one even during the day. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Isn't it like a jewel on this beauty?

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 20, 2017

The first eye-catching orange collar has been put on in Shui Hau! Thank you once again for all the donations! Keep helping us to spread the word.

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 19, 2017

A sample collar featuring bright orange and red colours has been made! Kathy Daxon, Chairwoman of the Tai O Community Cattle Group, is happy with the quality. The first batch will be produced after the Chinese New Year holiday. We look forward to showing you the collars on the cattle.

Stay tuned!

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Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 16, 2017

Very grateful for the money raised so far and thank you soooo much for everyone who has donated. Met up with Kathy, Chairwoman of the Tai O Cattle Community group, today to discuss actions to be taken right away with the sponsorships we have received. After the meeting, Kathy went to see a tailor who is based on Lantau Island and agreed on the cost to make the needed collars. She will visit Sham Shui Po in the next couple of day to source the materials.

On the other hand, we brainstormed more out-of-the-box ideas to get sustainable sponsorships and support in future. We also covered the topic on establishing a more positive rapport between the cattle and the local community. One of the obvious nuisances towards the cattle is their scattered manure. Kathy is going to talk to a gardening interest group on the island to promote using cow's manure as an organic and natural fertiliser for household plants.

Stay tuned for our updates and keep spreading the words for us so we can reach our funding goal!

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