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Update posted by Scheldon Gerstner On Dec 17, 2016

Saturday 17 December 2016 I celebrate my 30th day In Rundu...These past 30 days have had its ups and downs but I can take so many positives from it,

To date I have 18 recruits(homeless and those in need) on the bartering system program.

I have managed to raise enough funds this past month to ensure that they all had 3 meals a day. Each of them could walk away every Friday with Groceries, cosmetics and toiletries to share with their families for thew past 3 weeks.

Our garden foundations will be done next week. I am aslo building an oven so that we can make bread and pizza.

We have the following micro businesses(micros) in the pipeline. Every business will generate funds towards the bartering system and each business is also a training center for all recruits.

1. WhatsUpPizza - Once our oven is done we are starting up a pizza delivery where locals are able to order pizza via WhatsApp, txt and calling..they can simply drop a pin on where we need to deliver and the taxi's are so cheap and of abundance that we can include it in the price.

2. Pallet furniture- I am teaching my recruits how to make furniture from pallets (google it) empowering them with a life skill and any sales will feed the bartering system

3. Green house produce - any vegetables and fruit that the garden produces we sell and use to feed our recruits.

4. Waterless car wash business. We will be offering the locals car washing services in the car parks while they doing their shopping.

5. Rent a shopper.- In partnership with WhatsUpPizza. Locals will be able to send us a shopping list via WhatsApp or txt. While we are prepping the pizza a recruit will be sent out do get their shopping for them. We can deliver their shopping and pizza at the same time (R50 will be added to their pizza bill...add 10% for purchases over R500 or more )

In 5 months time I will be leaving Rundu to take on my next town 200km further towards Botswana. By that time I am confident that all 5 micros will be up and running and producing a consistency of product. It will also empower the recruits with jobs and skills and feed the token system

My leader recruits Job , Benjamin and Thobias are being trained to step into my shoes once I move on...I have 5 months to get them confident and ready.

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