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Update posted by Honey Kalaria On Apr 04, 2017

It may not be realistic to travel all the way to India, however there are some fantastic local ashrams in the UK where spiritual growth and many benefits can be enjoyed. My meditation group members had raised some funds towards purchasing 10 x luxury quilts and 10 x pillows, and are now looking to raise further funds to gift some bedding items such as quilt covers, fitted sheets and pillow cases to the UK Samarpan Meditation Ashram to help towards offering basic facilities to visitors at the ashram. This will enable disciples from across the world to enjoy restful sleep and a comfortable stay when they come to experience spiritual growth and courses at the ashram based in Leicester, UK. Any contributions towards this worthy cause would be welcome. Please click here to contribute - https://gogetfunding.com/empowerandinspire/

One can enjoy amazing benefits from staying at an ashram. Here are some benefits listed:-
1. GET INTO A ROUTINE - The yogic principle of Dinacharya, or daily routine, says that optimal wellness occurs when we follow a set schedule. Most ashrams establish a dinacharya and expect residents to follow it strictly. You have more energy, better digestion and deeper sleep. The only hard part is keeping it up when you get home!
2. TRY A VEGETARIAN DIET - Following the idea of Ahimsa, or non-harming, ashrams only serve food that does not involve harm to animals. Also, many ashrams grow their own produce, so you’re getting the local and organic nutrition at an ashram, together with staff taking great care in preparing healthy, balanced meals that are served onsite.
3. DISCOVER WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOUR PRACTICE - Many Ashrams have a simple dress code, no makeup and simple living. There’s freedom in realizing that your practice is just as great in a basic cotton white kurta pyjama (Indian top and bottom), no phones and having no cares of impressing the world.
4. TRY A CLEANSING TECHNIQUE - An ashram stay is a great time to experiment with the kriyas—the traditional Hatha yoga cleansing techniques, as well as enjoy a basic diet that helps with detoxifying your body. Because Kriyas must be practiced under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher and gurus of most ashrams, you can benefit from expert guidance.
5. ENJOY SELF REFLECTION - A stay in an ashram is an ideal time to get journaling again, enjoy self-reflection and connecting within your inner being. In accordance with the yogic principle of Svadhyaya Yoga, or self-study, some powerful realizations can come up through simply writing down your thoughts in a journal, meditating or enjoying some quiet time.

Any donations towards supporting the UK Samarpan Meditation ashram facilities, food and stay would be welcome. Please click here to contribute - https://gogetfunding.com/empowerandinspire/



Update posted by Honey Kalaria On Apr 04, 2017

The Mayor of Redbridge and his Appeal Committee proudly presented “REDBRIDGE’S GOT TALENT 2017” held on Friday 24th March at 7pm and staged at Sir James Hawkey Hall, Broomhill Road, Woodford Green, Woodford, IG8 0BG. The spectacular variety show was hosted By Vivyen Ellacott, supported by Nusound Radio 92FM and Televised on Zee TV. The event was organised by a group inspirational and experienced volunteers who are part of the Mayors Appeal Committee dedicated to raising funds for good causes, which I was really delighted to be part of.

Redbridge Got Talent showcased Irish Dancing, Bollywood, Tap Dancing, Bharat Natyam, African Street Dance, Cheerleading, Singing, Acting and much more. Local organisations, schools and performing arts schools known to take pride in supporting creative arts put forward acts. These included Highland Primary School, Cranbrook School, Parkhill Junior School and Bancroft school; Community groups include Shree Sorathia Prajapati Community and The Tamil Society; Performing arts schools include D Style Dance, Freedom 4 Youth, Black Ice, Kuntal School of Dance, The Arts Awards Theatre Company, The Alexandra School of Performing Arts and Maguire O’Shea Academy.

“I was extremely proud to see the wealth of talent and diversity we have in our local borough, and it is great to know that many members of the community will benefit from the funds raised from the charity event,” said Mayor of Redbridge, Councillor Gurdial Bhamra

Special Guest Judges included Dhruv Gadhvi (Zee TV), Peter Fleet (Duke of Edinburgh Award) and Cllr Barbara White (Local Councillor).

I personally had a fantastic time working with the committee members, conducting radio interviews, helping to showcase local talent and raising over £2,000 of funds to help towards the Mayor’s chosen charities - Vibrance, Healthy Living Project and DAWN.

Update posted by Honey Kalaria On Jan 30, 2017


Recently, a Nusound Radio presenter Kanji Ghedia and I were invited as special guests to give a talk at an event organised by members of Soor Seva (Devotion Through Music). The inspiring organisation based in Bexley Heath are dedicated in promoting moral values, faith and culture through their activities. For the latest event, local community officers from the Metropolitan police, audience members of all ages, MP's and other high profile guests came together to discuss ways of reducing crime. My presentation was on how dance, creativity and spiritual growth can be used to help build confidence, develop talent.and offer numerous benefits to help keep the youth involved in positive activities. In the past I had attended the Community Awareness Day organised in East London,UK by the Metropolitan Police to engage with the local community and help with bringing awareness to crime prevention. It was educational and informative, and I think the community members should work closer with the police to help reduce crime and help make our neighbourhoods a safer place.

Update posted by Honey Kalaria On Nov 12, 2016

DIABETES UK - HEALTH AND FITNESS THROUGH DANCE AND CREATIVITY - Honey Kalaria had teamed up with Diabetes UK to help make Britain fitter and healthier by embarking upon a program to help educate the community about how to prevent type 2 diabetes through diet, healthy living and getting involved in physical activities such as Bollywood dance. Here is a radio interview with Honey Kalaria and a Diabetes UK representative both speaking about the subject. To find out how to join Bollywood classes or receive home training courses, call 07850 875087 and stay in touch. For More information on the charity, contact - www.diabetes.org.uk

WEBSITES: www.honeykalaria.com / www.honeysdanceacademy.com / www.hkperformingarts.com

Update posted by Honey Kalaria On Nov 11, 2016

Honey Kalaria, Bollywood Dance Ambassador to the UK, got involved in Sewa Week by carrying out voluntary work to bring joy to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. She conducted a series of fun, interactive and educational Bollywood dance workshops and shared knowledge about Indian art & culture with participants. Almost 1,000 people enjoyed Bollywood Fun & Fitness through Honey Kalaria's voluntary work. For Bollywood workshop bookings, dance training, dance shows and guest speaker engagements, contact (0044) 7850 875087 / www.honeykalaria.com / www.honeysdanceacademy.com / www.hkperformingarts.com