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Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team On May 06, 2019


伝説の雑誌「ガロ」元副編集長が語り下ろした半生記・半世紀。 師・長井勝一との出会い、「ガロ」編集としての青春、「デジタルガロ」の顛末と「ガロ」休刊の裏側。 慢性白血病、最愛の妻の急逝、悪性皮膚癌発症、繰り返す転移と度重なる手術という苦難の中、それでも生涯一編集者として生きた理由、「残したかったもの」とは…… 銀行振り込み・代引きをご希望の方は、http://www.vvolfbooks.com/ca2/9/p-r-s/ からお買い求めください。 ※本書は、2015年11月~12月・2016年3月に京大病院での総合マンガ誌キッチュ編集部とおおかみ書房編集部が行った合同インタビューを元に著者が本文を執筆し、著者の死後、おおかみ書房編集部が著者ブログ「白取特急検車場」を元に加筆・校正したものです。


Chikao Shiratori"Zenshin Henshusha" book on sale (in Japanese)

Chikao Shiratori"Zenshin Henshusha"(in Japanese) is now on sale published by his disciple from a publisher Ookami Shobou. Together with another Shiratori's disciple Kitsch magazine, Shiratori's whole life as a manga editor is written. There is a long interview of Shiratori included. Cover art by Usamaru Furuya.

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Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team On Mar 19, 2017









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Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team On Mar 19, 2017

Dear Supporters,

We got a chance to hear from his step daughter Yu Yamada about her last visit with Mr Shiratori on the day before he passed away.

She visited his hospital on March 16th since she was concerned about not getting any response back from him lately. She was informed by the nurse not to be surprised about him becoming much thinner. He had lost a lot of weight, and because of the tumor, he had hard time hearing, although he shook her hand very strongly.

Even she knew she had to be aware that his remaining days were not so long, it was quite a shock to know that day would come right after her visit. Mr Shiratori had passed away on the March 17th around 8pm.

Since his mother was coming from Hokkaido, and his step daughters are from Tokyo, they decided to conduct a small ceremony in the morning of the 19th in Kyoto among family members.

Chikao Shiraori was an amazing brave fighter until the last moment of his life. He decided not to give up and to face his challenge no matter what. He is now holding Murasaki Yamada's picture on his hand. Please send you sincere prayer that he is now finally reunited with his wife.

Your tremendous sincerity supported him and was with him until the end.

We appreciate you deeply again. Thank you very much.


Shiratori Team.

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Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team On Mar 17, 2017

We just got informed that Mr Chikao Shiratori had passed way on 3/17/2017 Japan. We are very sorry about this sad news, and deeply appreciate for your tremendous support. Thank you very much.


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Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team On Mar 14, 2017

Due to PayPal compliance restrictions for 120 days acceptance of the donation to one Paypal account. we have updated the acceptant Paypal account from Yuu Yamada to Izumi Evers. We thank you for your understanding and support!

Paypal社における120日間の資金受付が満了になったため、受付アカウントが山田ゆうからIzumi Eversに変更となりましたこと、どうぞご了承くださいませ。引き続きのご支援誠に御礼申し上げます。

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Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team On Nov 19, 2016

To show our gratitude, we are offering more reward items. Please see the details on the right side column below “DONATE NOW” button.

ご支援ご協力の感謝を表してリワードアイテムを追加いたしました。詳細は右側コラム “DONATE NOW” 下を御覧ください。

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