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Update posted by Mark Johnson On Jul 12, 2017

To update everyone who so kindly donated to Xavi's oxygen chamber, we are still using it as often as we can and we really think it has made a difference.

Xavi is now sitting unaided, trying to kneel, playing and interacting more and making lots more sounds, all really positive steps forward. We are also weaning off the epilepsy medication as we haven't had any sign of seizures for months.

We got an official cerebral palsy diagnosis last week and he has a lot of trouble with feeding so there is a lot of work still to do BUT he has already done so much more than we ever expected and we really believe the oxygen therapy has helped, thank you xxx

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Update posted by Mark Johnson On Dec 06, 2016

I've started a blog about how Xavi's doing, to keep people up to speed and also as a thank you for all your generosity.


Hope you enjoy.

Mark, Sian, Amelie and Xavi X

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Update posted by Mark Johnson On Oct 23, 2016

Thank you all so much, the target has been reached, we have now ordered the chamber!!!

We have also offered the use of it to 2 families we have met recently with babies who have similar conditions, so hopefully 3 babies will benefit.

Any donations above the target will be put towards extra physiotherapy for Xavi.

You are all amazing!! xxx

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Update posted by Mark Johnson On Oct 23, 2016

Sian and I have been left speechless at peoples generosity. The last few days have been rather emotional and we really didn't know what to expect or how this was going to pan out. We certainly didn't expect it all to happen this quickly. WOW. 93 percent in 2 and a half days! SHEESH!!

We're now in touch with our hyperbaric oxygen chamber dealer (cool job and title) poised and ready to click the purchase button so to speak.

Thank you for helping our son. Since Xavi was born we've learned that support comes in many forms and what you're doing is certainly one of them.

Feeling loved, feeling helped, feeling supported.

Love from Mark, Sian, Amdram and snuffles. X

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