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Update posted by Nasser Gerald Diamante On Sep 25, 2016

Last thursday, when all hope seems to be lost, I tried talking to my mom and notice that she's able to recognize my voice and understand what I'm saying. I asked her some Yes or No questions and she responded by nodding or shaking her head. During my attempt, I asked her if she's still willing to fight, I felt like my whole world has been shattered when I saw her shake her head. I immediately contacted her sisters, my aunts, and we tried to talk about what we should do. They went inside her room and tried to talk to her, asking her why she's giving up now. I spent the whole night trying to process the idea that I'm about to lose my mom.

The next day, Friday, we all went to the hospital and tried to talk to her more. On that same day, the doctors and nurses were surprised to declare that she is now awake, and responsive to conversations. I went to her room, and asked her again about her decision. I told her that she shouldn't worry about anything else, but her fight for her life. The thing is, if there's one thing that my mom hates, it's the idea of her being a burden. So I talked to her and told her that she would never be a burden, and there's nothing a son wouldn't do for the person who taught him what love and sacrifice is. With conviction in my voice I asked her again, "do you still want to fight?". It felt like my whole body has been recharged as I watch her tear up and slowly nod her head.

All of your support has been giving us more that just financial support. Every donation has given us HOPE, and the will to help her get through all her battles. I sincerely thank everyone for their help and prayers. There's nothing more amazing than to see someone so stubborn that she's able to turn the doctors' "Expect the worst" to "She'll be able to go home soon". I expect nothing less from her, a mom, a teacher, a warrior.

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Update posted by Nasser Gerald Diamante On Sep 16, 2016

after her first CT Scan and and EEG, the doctors confirmed that due to lack of oxygen, she experienced stroke, and developed an infarction on her right frontal lobe. This is now causing her seizures and making it hard for her to regain consciousness. We are still hoping for her to wake up, and surprise us with a miracle. The hospital is now requiring us to pay for her medicines in cash, because we weren't able to settle the amount that they asked us to pay.

We thank everyone for their help and support. We hope and pray that more people would be generous to show their support for my mother's fight. THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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