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Update posted by Arif Azfar Bin Azman On Oct 11, 2016

Both of them are what we would say talented individuals. Both are good in motivating the team. One will go with the in your face kind of motivation, while the other will use the softer approach. Guess who uses which approach. If you play hockey, I am sure you would have recognized these two individuals as they are also representing Singapore at the international level. Do support the Singapore Men's floorball team dream of playing with the best in the world. Any amount counts. We are in it together. One team which is team Singapore.

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Oct 05, 2016

Our new batch of fundraising tee has finally come! The boys managed to get hold onto it and we managed to catch some #nofilter photos (hahah they thoughts I'm taking the tees only). For this batch, we have gather orders of more than 200 tees. Pushing on, we just submitted another batch of 200+ tees orders again! The next order that we will be collating is 15th Oct, so you still have the chance to get your very own Singapore Floorball tee! Approach any of our players to order or you can get in touch through our instagram account: @sgmensfloorball

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Oct 03, 2016

Picture: Glen (Left) - Renji (Right)

What's common between this 2 players other than their facial expression above? haha... Both are MOE teachers! Glendon is teaching in Temasek Junior College while Renji is at Victoria School. Being teachers, their workload is heavy. From preparing for their class, to administrative duties to planning and being inviolved with many school activities, they have never given up their dreams of playing for Singapore. Role model, definitely! Support them by contributing as low as $1 for the team's crowdfunding campaign!

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 28, 2016

Picture: Hafiz

Hafiz has been in the floorball scenes since a young age. Formerly from Northbrooks Secondary, he is a notable defender in the local scene with his steady handling of the ball and dribbling burst into the attacking zone. Working to improve his overall understanding of the game, he also referee games in the league as well.

Currently a Fatpipe sponsored player, Fatpipe has been gracious to sponsor 1 of its Fatpipe Gbow 27 season 15/16 stick (exclusively signed by Hafiz!) for a reward to the fastest donor who is donating $250 or more

Only 1 donor will get this. Hurry!

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 26, 2016

Picture: Brandon (Left) - Brandon's wife (Right)

Brandon is one of the most experienced players in the squad. Being involved in Floorball since young, he has not stopped this sport since then. Going from strength to strength, he captained his club, Skools Innebandy and for the Asian Oceania Floorball Championship Qualifiers as well. Currently working full time with Toyota Motors doing internal audit, he is a careful and organized guy off court.

In the picture, is him with his wife who is also a floorballer! She is ever present wherever Brandon is playing his matches. The support she gives allow him to concentrate on his game on court. Salute to you Mdm!

While Floorball is a team game, it really takes more than just the team to be successful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the daddies, mummies, families , relatives and friends of our players! It is you who are the real pillar of strength for them!

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 21, 2016

Syazni (Front) - Who? (Back wearing black) - Who? (Back wearing Red)

A tired looking Syazni here after a training session. Floorball is literally his life. Why? A busy tuesday would be seeing him coaching Floorball at Pasir Ris Primary, followed immediately to coaching Anglo-Chinese JC then National team training in the evening. Beat that! Thankfully, his coaching is taking a break because of schools exams. Nonetheless, his love of the sport is there for all to see and feel.

PS: Take another guess who are the 2 players that's in the background?

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 19, 2016

Akmal (Front) - Guess who (Back)

Akmal's floorball journey has been remarkable to say the least. At a young age, he has caught the eye of many in the local floorball scene. Despite winning titles and leading his respective schools while growing up, he remains a humble and sensible person off court. Currently, he is serving his NS. You can possibly spot him at the guardhouse of Bedok Camp if you happen to go over to do your NS IPPT!

PS: who is the guy at the background?

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 18, 2016

A picture says a thousand words. What do this shows?

1) Rajiv is one of our national goalies competing to get a spot to fly to Riga, Latvia. He has been in the local and international scenes for years. His dedication is simply hard to match seriously. Cool as a cucumber is what one might describe him when he is on court.

2) The venue -Victoria School. The National team appreciates the help that's given by Victoria School. Even since we had troubles securing a court to train in, VS will be there to offer us their court time for FREE. As according to the HOD PE, Mr Amir, VS believes in giving back to the sport. Thank you Sir! Thank you Victoria School. As we are heading towards the last preparation before we fly to Riga, the team is training at VS every tuesday night (8pm to 10pm).

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Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 16, 2016

Jenmark (Front) - Enrico (Centre) - Daniel King (Back)

Jenmark is currently working full time, while studying in SIM on a part time basis. On top of his heavy commitment, he is also training hard for both his club and country. Talk about dedication! Look at his heavy eye bags! You can follow him at his instagram account @jenmarksorreda

Enrico is serving NS. What does he do? If you fall and sprain your ankle, he knows how to bandage it. If you get a heavy cut, he knows how to keep the wound clean. Yes, a Medic! In fact, he is a medic trainer. Currently, he handles MOCC. It refers to doctors (Medical Officers) who needs to go through a conversion course when they serve in NS! Wow! Trainers of doctors! Cool or what! You can follow him at his instagram account @enricoelifhmarican

Daniel King is one of the few young blood that Coach Sonia have managed to bring into the squad. Very quickly during his time in Republic Polytechnic, he has caught the eye of many with his skills and capability on court. Off court, he looks just like a shy boy! You can follow him at his instagram account @danieljamesking32

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