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Update posted by Diane Frank On Oct 03, 2016

Hi All,

Thanks to your support, Jean Carlos, Michael, Ivan and co. have been able to go around again this weekend and buy furniture to the people who have received their new shelters!

People are very touched by the help they have received and are still receiving!

Merci à tous! Grâce à vous, Michael, Jean Carlos, Ivan and Co. ont pu acheter des meubles, cuisinières, etc. aux gens qui ont reçu leur nouvelles maisons ‘temporaires’.

Les gens sont extrêmement touchés par toute l’aide que vous leur avez apporté !

Thank you!

En yanque ya los modulos ya se estan colocando en los terrenos donde antes se encontraban las casas destruidas. De esta manera nosotros podemos comprar algunas cosas y es mas comodo tenerlas aca, que en la carpa. La primera anciana les agradece mucho junto con sus hijas desprendieron lagrimas.

Y de alguna manera me siento afortunado por ser el puente entre los que se desprendieron de lo que tenian para poder donarlo. Tambien tengo la responsabilidad de informarles que compramos una cocina a gas, una mesa con dos sillas y una tetera. Muchas gracias

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Update posted by Diane Frank On Sep 02, 2016

Hi all!

A quick update on the campaign for Peru!
first of all, thank you to everyone who has contributed / shared the info! We've gathered 1485 Euros!
I will now send that money to Jean Carlos who is already buying food (yes, they are still trying to gather food and water in some parts), to buy clothes and we will see very soon (when the earth stops shaking) to buy material to repair some of the houses that are not completely destroyed.

Volonteers are welcome if you're around!

Bonjour a tous!
des news de la colecte, merci a tous pour vos dons, nous avons recolte 1485 Euros.
Jean Carlos a achete nourriture et eau qu'il a amene dans les endroits les plus isoles.
Nous allons utiliser cet argent pour acheter egalement des habits, et du materiel pour aider a reparer les maisons qui ne sont pas completement detruites.

Les volontaires seront accueillis a bras ouverts si vous passez dans le coin!


Diane et Jean Carlos

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Update posted by Diane Frank On Aug 22, 2016

Hi all, Bonjour a tous,

Thanks again for all the donations!

A few updates on the campaign, the priorities to help around:

- Reconstruction of the water canal, which is necessary for the village to be able to water their fields and count on next season's harvest.

- Support some of the families in the reconstruction of their homes (as many as we possibly can!)

- buying clothes and furniture that many people have lost during the earthquake.

More updates to come up. Keep following us!



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Update posted by Diane Frank On Aug 19, 2016

Thank you for the support, we did very well in little time, and we are still waiting on more donations.

The team onsite is making a list of what needs to be done and what the priorities are (Not an easy job).

Smaller earthquakes are still hitting the erea every now and then since the big one on Sunday.

We will keep you updated very soon.


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