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Update posted by Tiina Tasa On Aug 29, 2016

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Update posted by Tiina Tasa On Aug 22, 2016

I don't like very much mountains and ascents when biking but it feels so damn good when you conquer them. The same good are the feelings when doing things over your limits. That's why I do this London-Paris.
Only 4 days left...
Everybody who makes a donation (even 1 euro is very ok) will have a chance to win a surprise gift from my trip. I will ask my little grand daugther Kärt to help me to pick the lucky one. You make a donation to haemophilia patients and I feel your support when taking the most difficult parts of my road.
You can make your donation here:

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Update posted by Tiina Tasa On Aug 19, 2016


Next week at the same time I'm biking on UK roads towards Paris. I'm more and more exited but also worried if I'm fit enough for this trip.

The number of biking kilometers is growing slowly and tomorrow I will try to bike up to some Estonian hills to get the feeling of heavier ascents as I used to experience in my regular bikings.

Big thanks to everybody supporting with good words and wishes! Special thanks to these 11 friends who had found a possibility to make a small donation! It will help haemophilia patients and also me knowing that you really care. Good news is that there is still a possibility to donate :)

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Update posted by Tiina Tasa On Aug 14, 2016

I biked 91 km yesterday. It was really windy. The second part was also rainy and cold. All my body was so tired in the end. "How the hell I can manage with this London-Paris ride?" was the only thought in my head... if the flat land with 90 km is already killing me... Why I'm doing this?

My trainer-husband said I have to come out from my comfort zone. I am already out of it. I am 51 years old lady. I would knit or play with my grandchildren or bicycle with low speed on nice roads in nice weather only - that's the comfort zone. I'm far out of it last months, I put all my efforts into training and still feel so week. Why I'm doing this?

Maybe it was too spontaneous and emotional decision to participate this 377 km London-Paris ride? So I was sitting yesterday on my sofa, feeling so low... and thinking... What the hell - I am a healthy woman without any serious health problems. This challenge is helping me to gain much better physical shape - why not to try? Especially when I can help people suffering with rare disease... in many cases they can't do so many things in their lives. I will struggle with this challenge for 3 days but these people with rare disease have to face challenges during their whole life.

I can help them a little bit. You can too. Just make a small donation (even 1 euro will help) and we together will help haemophilia patients to improve their lives.

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Update posted by Tiina Tasa On Aug 08, 2016

My bicycling year start was not very impressive - I got my bike out only in the middle of May and had only 3 trainings before Tartu bicycle rally. Therefore I needed a "supportive engine" as you can see on the photo :D

BUT... A very good motivational hit came just before summer vacation period - our company decided to participate in the charity ride London-Paris. It was quite spontaneous and emotional decision - I would like to try!!!

And here I am, training as much as possible, made all preparations for the trip and getting more and more excited. I do hope these close to 1500 training kilometers I have for the moment will help me to complete 377 km ride with some very tricky ascents.

Only 16 days left and then it starts...

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