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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Aug 10, 2016

We finally got mom out of the hospital last August 8, 2016. As you may have heard, we've been attempting to get her out for more than a week already but had difficulty due to the amount we need to raise to pay for her hospital bills.

My wife, Cris, went to the hospital last August 5, 2016 to work out something with the hospital's department manager. In the end, the manager said that if we are able to reduce the balance to approximately P300,000 or close to that amount, then he can approve for us to pay in installment the remaining balance for a duration of 6 months. At that time, the amount that we need to raise is approximately P700,000, not counting the professional fees.

By August 6, the amount that needed to be raised jumped to approximately P1 Million. We were really scrambling to raise that amount during the weekend but with the help of friends and family, we finally did it by Sunday (August 7). We were able to settle P980,000 which was really close to the goal.

August 8 came, and our remaining balance is P352,790.22. With our arrangement with the Billing department manager, we agreed to provide a post dated cheque amounting to P58,798.37 for the next 6 months starting September.

I don't know yet how to get that amount in the next 6 months considering the debt that I have to settle out of all the loans I've got thru the bank, credit cards, friends, and family. In any case, I'm so glad that mom is already out of the hospital last Monday, August 8. This is her wish and we just think it is best to give what she wants despite the difficulty.

Mom is not yet well and things are really bad. We still pray that she recovers and enjoy life for some more years, especially with her 2 grand daughters.

We still need a lot of prayers for her to recover and if I may ask a little more financial help so that we can cover some of the debts we have plus the monthly amount that we need to pay the hospital in the next 6 months...

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Aug 04, 2016

Just got word that the hospital disapproved my request for more time to pay the amount they are asking... until then, mom is stuck at the hospital as she gets weaker and weaker by the day.

What do I do? She doesn't really deserve this ....

I need help... PLEASE.....

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Aug 02, 2016

We tried to get mom out of the hospital today but failed. As of today's computation, we're short of P700k+, not including the Professional Fees. We've talked to the Billing Department manager for options that we can take but I guess the decision is not his to make. The hospital's president needs to give an approval if we are to be given options for payment. Until then, mom is stuck at the hospital with continued billing. =

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 29, 2016

With 2 days to go until the original target I've set.... our Mom is still at the hospital. Bills breached the 2 Million mark and it's been really tough.... Early today, the hospital threatened that medicines will not be given until we pay a certain amount.... They refer to it as a red tag. The current balance is P898,000 excluding the professional fees.... I got an approved loan for P500,000 and probably the last loan I can get approved.

Soon, I don't think we can sustain the medication needed to keep our mom alive.... This is so hard to accept since we've tried so hard....

Please keep sharing this site to generate more awareness and hoping for kind contributions.

Thank you so much....

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 21, 2016

Again, we would just like to thank those who have continued to pray for our mom and to those who have provided financial assistance to us during this time of difficulty. I'll pray that God provides more blessing to you and your family.

God works in mysterious ways and performs His help thru others. Thank you .... Thank you .... Thank you.....

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 20, 2016

The blood tests results are already at the right levels and we are hoping to get her released anytime this week since the immediate danger has been addressed already.

Our main challenge is the hospital bill since we can't get her out until we settle the bill. There are little miracles here and there as friends and family provides continuous support and assistance.

As of today, the balance is about 412K excluding the professional fees of the Doctors. Most likely these fees will be huge as well.

We are finding ways to raise the funds or get the hospital to agree to give us some extensions to be able to settle the bill. We are looking into banks to extend loans on top of the existing loans. We've been trying to sell a property that we have but still no luck....

Last night, I receive a touching message from somebody that just melted my heart.... Again... I'm so humbled by all the prayers, concerns, assistance we are getting.... Indeed God works thru others...

We are still hoping for some miracle for us to figure out how to settle our hospital bills but we are thankful that our mom is out of immediate danger for now ...

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 16, 2016

Fever is on and off and there will be some more series of test that will be done. Her kidneys are fine but the main challenge is to sustain the right amount of Magnesium and Potassium in her body. This will be until such time that the Pig Tail be replaced with a metal stent, hopefully after 2 to 4 weeks.

She has a good fighting chance to survive this. She needs to eat and be able to consistently get the right medical help.

We need all the help we can get. We are financially troubled due to the medical bills we are getting which has already ballooned to 1.2Million, excluding the Doctor's Professional fees.

Thank you so much to everybody who continues to pray for her.

Thank you so much to those who have shared something to aid us in this difficult situation. We won't forget what you did for us and we continue to pray for good blessings for you and your family.

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 15, 2016

Our mom was experiencing tremendous pain yesterday and the doctor ordered to perform an emergency CT scan to understand what's causing it.

Thank God that it is nothing critical to add to the other conditions that we already knew. We are hoping the pain would subside as well with the help of the pain medications that she's already getting.

The good news is that blood is no longer draining from the pig tail insertion she had on her side. Bile continuous to flow so we are expecting that she'll be out of danger soon from any bile infection.

Again, we are very thankful for all the prayers and help we are getting from each one of you. It really means a lot during these difficult times.

Please continue to share our campaign page for us to have a better chance to reach out to those who have kind hearts who might be able to provide assistance.

Thanks again!!!!

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 14, 2016

As of yesterday, the PTBD procedure was successful and bile started to drain. An amount of blood is going out as well due to the swelling of the bile duct. The doctor said that this should subside after a few days.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and support.

Kindly share and spread the fund raising page. This is a huge help to me and my family.

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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 12, 2016

Just an update...

The doctor recommended to drain the bile via PTBD. The intent is to put a tube at her side that will be connected to an external bag where the bile will drip. 3 or 4 months ago, this was a procedure we've decided not to pursue in favor of a stent insertion via ERCP. The stent insertion is favorable simply because it will be inside her body and no tube going out of her side which can be a cause of infection.

Now, we were given that choice again but this time the doctor being more in favor of the PTBD procedure. Last night, we've decided to go for the ERCP procedure despite the chances of it being successful. It has been performed early this morning but failed.

My mom will be scheduled tomorrow again for the PTBD procedure since there's no other choice. It is this one or her ending up in a coma due to blood poisoning due to the bile infection.

Each hospital procedure cost so much but despite the debts, we don't have much choice but to push for it just for the chance of prolonging our Mom's life.

We do hope for the continued support. Please share this fund raising page to others. Each peso received is a big help and would mean a lot to us.

Thank you again for your kindness..... God bless you and your family

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