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Update posted by Tara Lee On Jul 30, 2016

Good morning beautiful people,

It is currently 0930am in England on a Saturday morning. I usually spend my summer Saturday morning getting with My partner Ben to play cricket. He currently plays for a small village team here in Bath and does really well. I'm glad I spent a large part of my childhood watching sport and loving cricket much like my mother. It's made using part of my weekend for sport much easier. Sunday's are spent doing what Sunday's are for...lazing around watching movies. I'm happy to have those days just before I go back to work on Monday morning.

I have no forgotten about my campaign of course. I've spent a day here and their planning what I'd like to do. I spoke to my mother last week about I've planned so far.

Some of the topics I hope to cover are:

- Making mistakes but living through them

- Loving yourself

- Confidence

- Assertiveness

- Family & Friends

- The importance of staying true to yourself

I've been thinking of activities that could work along side those topics and make what could be quite boring a fun experience. My target audience is currently 13-16 year olds but I also want to write more light hearted material for younger girls. The ideas are for ever flowing but I will keep everyone updated.


Tara Lee

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