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Update posted by Laura Breen On Jun 04, 2016

Finally we know what has been making Thor so unwell, he has two conditions, both primary hyperparathyroidism and an Immune disorder attacking his blood platelets. We are all very relieved as it could have been so much worse.

He is on treatment for the immune disorder and will be assessed on Monday to see if he is well enough for an operation on his parathyroid. After the operation Thor will stay in the veterinary hospital a while with all the vets and nurses he made friends with on his last little visit.

The wonderful news is that while he will need veterinary care short term post op, the long term prognosis is very good and he should be a healthy happy dog again soon.

My estimate of how much more we needed when I set this up was pretty spot on, It's £2,000 for his operation, then around £150 a day to have his little holiday at the vets, plus blood tests and medication. All of the Thor fund raisers are doing really well with the raffle having sold 150 tickets in only 4 days. I am off to face paint at events for a little extra Thor money and amazing people keep turning up with donations! The Thor fund is growing in many ways and I have every faith that we can do this X

A huge thank you to all, Laura X

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Update posted by Laura Breen On Jun 03, 2016

Thor is more stable now and home from hospital, enjoying the comforts of his own basket while awaiting more test results. His medication is helping a lot and he is brighter in him self now that he's on the steroids, he has more energy and that tail is still wagging :)

We still do not have a diagnosis as his symptoms are far from text book, but we are ruling out possibilities and getting closer to knowing what we are dealing with. The last tests were encouraging, suggesting the worst possibility looks less likely. I will update again as soon as I have more definite answers.

Thank you so much for all of your support, we have now also sold nearly 100 Raffle tickets for the Thor fund and had some cash donations, which I've added to this page all under offline donations.

It all helps so much and we are very grateful for your help, With a big thank you from me and licks from the loveable Thor X xx

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