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Update posted by Joyce Peñaloza On May 02, 2016

Hello! Francesca is finally home! she was discharged last night! We want thank everyone for all your prayers and for all your help....however for Scarlett, she's still in NICU and may need to stay for another 2-3 weeks, though she's been feeding already after 18 days of NPO, she's still under observation if she will be able to tolerate the increase in feeding....

the bills are piling up again, hence we still need assistance from your kindest hearts. please continue to pray for our babies and continue to share this page.

Thank you and God Bless everyone!

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Update posted by Joyce Peñaloza On Apr 24, 2016

Hello! it's been 2 weeks since the neonatologists ordered stop feeding of breastmilk to Scarlett, until now she's still under observation as they suspect its really Hircshsprungs Disease. she was scheduled to have the barium enema test yesterday, however it was cancelled as her tummy became distended. she was given another anti biotic to treat the infection. all tests will be done again on the 28th. Praying that she doesnt need to undergo any surgery.

For Francesca, so far she's doing fine, she just need to reach and maintain the desired weight which is 2kg, hopefully she can be discharged next week.

Please continue to pray for our babies as well as to continue to repost this as we are still seeking for your assistance. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Update posted by Joyce Peñaloza On Apr 09, 2016

last 07 April 2016, it's the triplets 1st month birthday...but since the twins are still in NICU we just had a simple family dinner at home. We thought that everything is going well for both of them and were just waiting for the time that they can go home, but yesterday they found a blood streak on Scarletts poop. they did some tests yesterday- her blood tests are ok but with her X-ray they saw some softspot and they cannot determine yet if its just a poop or blood. she was put on IV again and have stopped the feeding. the test will be repeated again within the next 24-48 hours to see if everything is ok.

Please continue to keep Us in your prayers as well as continue to share this post. We still need help and any amount can actually go a long way for the twins

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Update posted by Joyce Peñaloza On Apr 01, 2016

Thank You again for your prayers and for all the help! The Twins had the ROP eye check up yesterday and the results are ok for Cesca, but for Scarlett, they may need to repeat the test after 2weeks as her eyes looks pale and it maybe due to her low hemoglobin level.

Earlier today, they tried to remove the oxygen support for Cesca, hopefully she will be able to breathe on her own even and doesnt need to be hooked up again on the O2 support.

We are so overwhelmed and grateful for all the prayers and all the help. Thank you for all your kindness.

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Update posted by Joyce Peñaloza On Mar 29, 2016

We would like to thank everyone for your prayers and generosity. no words can express how thankful we are for all your help. God bless you all.

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