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Update posted by Damian Corneal On Apr 10, 2016

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on Earl's progress. Next week he enters his final 3 week cycle of chemo prior to returning to the surgeon for assessment. He has been reacting well to the treatment and has been in good spirits, in large part due to the continued support from family, friends and well wishers. We will provide another update once the chemo cycle is complete. A special thank you for those who attended the fundraiser in Trinidad last night, wish we could have been there to thank you in person.

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Update posted by Damian Corneal On Feb 19, 2016

A massive thank you to all of those who have been donating on and offline. Your contributions have helped significantly in securing the required level of care for Earl. He is now well into his Chemotherapy which will run until April, prior to the operation on the tumours. The chemo was unforeseen at the outset and adds approximately £20K in treatment costs, another reason why we are so grateful for all of the support you have given.

A few special call outs to some of our offline contributors;

- Basildon Pathology Staff for their cake sale efforts and M.O. for the car boot sale proceeds

- Anthony Davis for organizing the valentines day fundraising party in Trinidad and to the dozens of helpers and hundreds who attended

- A very generous establishment owner who donated £5K of his own funds and countless more family members, friends and aquantainces who have donated across the US, UK and Trinidad.

There is still a way to go in Earl's treatment but the contributions and support received have given him extra strength and belief that he can beat the Cancer.

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Update posted by Damian Corneal On Jan 02, 2016

02/01/16 - Happy New Year, just wanted to keep you updated on Earl's condition. The stents have improved how he is feeling day to day which is a positive, however, the doctors now know they have to attempt to shrink the tumour via chemo before operating. This makes sense having seen the latest scans and should give the best chance of success when they finally operate (leaving more viable liver tissue). We're not yet sure for how long the chemo sessions will need to run (only that it increases length of stay in the UK and unfortunately increases costs as well). That said, we're thankful for his progress and your support to date (thoughts, prayers and donations) and we wish you all a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2016!


Happy New Year to yall. Wishing Earl a successful medical procedure. God Blessings!

Albert Lee Young

Update posted by Jan 02

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Update posted by Damian Corneal On Dec 24, 2015

23/12/15 - Just a quick update folks. Earl arrived in the UK today (23/12), was seen by a specialist and immediately admitted to the hospital based on his current condition. They will run further tests tonight (CT, MRI, Bloods) but he will undergo a stent operation tomorrow (24/12) to relieve the jaundice (stent into the bile ducts bypassing the tumor). Following this they will know if the liver mass is operable (and we are hoping it is). He is expected to be in hospital over Christmas then will need a couple weeks before he can undergo the second operation (once deemed feasible). We have also been able to reduce the overall treatment estimate to £65K based on choosing outpatient options for aftercare when possible. Thanks for all of your support thus far, still some way to go! Have a Merry Christmas all....


Thank you for the update ! Tell Mr. Corneal we at the P.O.S.G.H send our prayers, well wishes & God’s blessings to him especially the A&E dept. Seasons Greetings !!

Kimberly-Simone McFarlane

Update posted by Dec 25

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