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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Nov 11, 2015

This is the Hospital Bill since baby Jian confined in PCMC Hospital. Also the recent picture. The ventilator has been removed to check if baby Jian can breath by her own without using it. She is now also can take small amount of Intra that will help in her condition. She can move her feet and hand but still unconsciousness.

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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Oct 30, 2015

As Mirasol said, the donation was helped so much so baby Jian changed to Ventilator as they used the Ambu bag for 2~3 days. to get it need to pay by cash.

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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Oct 30, 2015

Total.13,785.35 pesos / $304.75

Thank you: Linda & Bill Chandler, Fusae Cambell, Jasmin Hoffman, Let Serrano, Cora Elliot, Ayumi Reezy, Aya Smith, Yuka Duncan, Misa Ota, Greg Kovacs, Helen Gwillim

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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Oct 29, 2015

Last Saturday, Oct.24, baby Jian has a high fever, the mother pinched Jian's finger and she didn't response. They brought her back to PCMC hospital and when they got to Hospital she had seizure. Baby Jian was in very bad condition.Her blood pressure was low and all of her veins are collapsed. I couldn't stop to cry when I heard the story. The time when they got to hospital, there is no available ventilator so they used Ambu bag. ( Ambu bag is a manual resuscitator to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately). Last Wednesday 10/28, they start using Ventilator to baby Jian.

As this morning baby Jian moved her hands and feet with silent cried.

No one parents wanted their child to be in this situation. She is only 2 years old and was suffering for a long time from Hemangioma. The Doctor in PCMC couldn't give her treatment as they need more result from Boston. To transfer baby Jian to a private hospital for another examination and get surgery to reduce the abscess on her genital area, they may need over 200,000 pesos/ $3,500.

Oct.21, I closed this fundraising. According to the mother of baby Jian. Dr. will send them home and will just wait for the result from Boston. She wanted to bring baby Jian to other private Hospital, but it will cost a lot of money and still need referrals from all Doctors from PCMC to be able to transfer to the other hospital. I recommended baby Jian's mother to open the fundraising as she is the mother and may receive more help. But last Saturday I received a message from her and telling me that baby Jian is in the emergency room and she is comatose. After I talked baby Jian's mother last night. I decided to open back this fundraising.

Baby Jian's family is struggling and cannot afford all expenses for medication, bills and other needs in hospital. Please help for any amount. Please also include baby Jian in your prayers to heal.

All donations received included cash until on October 21, I thought to buy all Intra supplement for baby Jian that will help for her condition while waiting for the result from Boston. But after I found out that she is back to Hospital, and comatose, I sent all donations to baby Jian's father account, it's 13,785.35 pesos.They are very thankful for all who helped them. Because of all your donations, they could pay for the Ventilator that baby Jian using now.

I'm very much thankful for your kindness.

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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Oct 20, 2015

October 16, from donation I purchased 1 bottle of Intra and Nutria for 3~4 weeks supply and sent to Mirasol, Jian's mother. Cost 3,300 pesos/$74.

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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Oct 19, 2015

It took long waiting to find out the result from Abdominal-Pelvic MRI. Many specialist Doctors couldn't find out what is the Abscess on baby Jian's genital. But finally After the Biopsy, the Doctor's said it Hemangioma and there is another new one coming out around the inguinal area, The Doctor took biopsy since this also start getting bigger and they found out that this also a part of Hemangioma. Many specialist Doctor examined baby Jian's conditions but they didn't know the Treatment for Hemangioma. Baby Jian's case will send to Boston to know the right treatment. After of all checked up and, examination, the Doctor sent baby Jian home and asked to return for weekly's check-up. Another Doctor recommended to change to other private Hospital to get another examination, but this will cost over 200,000 pesos/$60,000~.

While waiting for the result from Boston, to help baby Jian's conditions, she is taking some supplement called Intra and Nutria. These supplements cost 6,600 pesos/$143 for a month supply.

Baby Jian is the youngest child, has 3 brothers and sister. Jian's father is only a Bus Conductor and not making enough money to cover all this medical expenses. They are desperately asking for all your help to pray for their daughter and asking for donations to help their baby for continuous medications. Any amount will help or you can donate the Intra or Nutria supplement

You are able to call baby Jian's mother for any question or you can send your donations:

Mirasol Buna Bulan

Address: Blk.23 Lot.48 phs.2

FVR. Norzagaray, Bulacan, Philippines.

Phone no. 63-906-805-4655

Thank you for your kindness.

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Update posted by Marissa Hazelip On Oct 08, 2015

Last 9/29 baby Jian had a blood test for Buncreatinine that need for Abdominal MRI ct Scan. On Oct.5, She has Pelvic MRI ct scan and results will find out this Friday.

Cash donation: Thank Yuka Duncan and family for your donation.God Bless you!

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