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Update posted by Danette Gaboda On May 20, 2014

As of this writing, David's fundraiser has 25 days left. It has been long winter and now we are experiencing a very wet spring. I knew it was going to be difficult in convincing people that David's farm was a worthy cause.  I do know that God is total control of David's situation. What I don't know is what God has planned for him, but that's okay because I trust in God. I just want to thank everyone that thought David's fundraiser was at least worthy enough to stop and visit his site.

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Update posted by Danette Gaboda On Feb 27, 2014

Thank you for those that have made a donation. David really could use a lot of help right now. His cows need to be feed and his feed source is very limited because his money is limited. There isn't any money spent on frills. David does not have internet, cable TV, satellite TV or a cell phone. His money is used to feed his cattle. He found out his tractor is now in need of repair putting another strain on his finances. As you can see, David's farm is not a show place but it is his home. Please help keep him in his home.

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