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Update posted by dlrichardson4 On May 08, 2014

I got a call from my dr's nurse today. They want me to come in and do some gentic testing and a HSG dye test. The hsg dye tests pushes dye through my tubes to make sure they are open. Ive done it once previously and it was definitely the most painful test of all. AI also recieve my test results from my blood work. He tested to see how bad my endometriosis was. Anything over a 20 isnt normal and mine was a 26. Not bad he said so I dont have to do surgery just yet (hopefully not at at all) and also it revealed that I have a slight case of PCOS. Which stands for poli sistic ovary syndrom- Cysts on my ovaries. In a way I knew that because ive always had cysts, even gone to the er for them however with pcos you dont ovulate but I do so its weird. Anyway I go to the dr and monday for the gentics test and wont got for the hsg test til CD 7-12. By then Ill know the results of the blood test and ill talk to the dr from there to see what my plan is. Hoping for some sort of miracle that I can have all 16000 by then so i can start medication. Ill keep everyone informed. Thank you!

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Update posted by dlrichardson4 On May 07, 2014

I just want to thank everyone who has helped not only financially but with support and prayers. Its been tough especailly with mothers day right around the corner. We are still at a stand still. Cant even get into the dr til we have all the money together. i tried to get a loan against our house but that didnt work out. I dont believe that you arent allowed to have a child because of credit. However, im trying to stay postive and trying to find my faith in the process. Thanks again!

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