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Update posted by Alfred Arnold On Jul 04, 2013

Hello everyone....Johnny and I are desperatly trying to fix this situation. We have only a few days left to come up with these funds, and take care of this situation or I may lose ever being able to bring him home. I can not lose this man....So far we have had 4924 vistors to the page...if everyone would give $1 ...I would be able to save him...save our love. I know its hard for so many to understand when they are not in the situation themselves....but I also know everyone understands how important love is. Johnny is my soulmate...he is my love. Please help us with what you can...share the story, help us get the word out. Thank you...((HUGS))

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Update posted by Alfred Arnold On Jun 26, 2013

DOMA is DEAD!!!....What more can I say? What a wonderful day it has been, not only for Johnny and I, but for so many other couples out there who will finally be able to bring their loved ones home. Personally I have been in tears all day, happy tears though!.....For Johnny and I this is a bittersweet moment, as we still need help to raise the funds and be able to get him here. Well the major victory is DOMA being struck down, so we will now be able to sponsor our loved ones. One step at a time....Next step for us is getting past the financials and bringing my soulmate home to safety. Please everyone continue to share our story....HUGS from Johnny and I <3 

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Update posted by Alfred Arnold On Jun 17, 2013

Was very honored last night to be on 'Wake Up America SOS' with host Lori A Kerkes. I was invited on to share our story. What an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for all these wonderful people who continue to show their love and support!..please follow the link and listen to the show. Thank you! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wakeupamericasos/2013/06/17/domas-victims-the-heartbreaking-truth-1

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Update posted by Alfred Arnold On May 20, 2013

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed Pride this weekend! My great friends Valerie and Aurora, were helping me pass out  fliers this weekend. I am sincerely hoping the people who receicved a flier will take a minute to read our story, and please share the link :-) 


Thank you to all the wonderful people we meant this at Long Beach Pride!

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Update posted by Alfred Arnold On May 03, 2013

Hello everyone...please take a minute to watch the video I uploaded. From my heart to yours....thank you all for your help!



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Update posted by Alfred Arnold On Apr 17, 2013

Hi everyone....I'm keeping on, sharing everywhere I can. Trying to get the word out, please share our story when you read it.


Two souls that are meant to be together....Johnny and I :-) 


Thanks to Valerie and Aurora....we got our start!!....YAY!!!....:-)

Alfred Arnold

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