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Update posted by JoAnne Berg On Jun 15, 2015

She finished in the Top 20 High Schools in California with a 3.8 I am so proud of my daughter. Glad that so many in her family have helped. Grandpa Chuck, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Carl, Grandma Pat, Uncle Jon.. and the many family friends that have stood by us. Not just the fair weather friends, which in this lifetime, are far and few in between.

I pray her education will be God's will and all she can touch with her lovelyness.

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Update posted by JoAnne Berg On May 03, 2015

We have decided for cost purposes to enroll the freshman year at Sonoma State University, and we put a deposit to get enrolled at St. John's for the summer of 2016.  They also have a campus in France and she will actually save 10K by going there for the summer. I hosted a couple students that live very close to the school in Paris and will allow her to stay there! We still need assistance to cover this years tuition.  She will devote time to anyone who donates to the cause! 

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Update posted by JoAnne Berg On Apr 07, 2015

"My education goals are to further research in the neuroscience field. Ever since I was young, my mother got intense migraines, so I was interested in the brain and its functions on us as a person. I have been working my hardest to absorb as much information in this field as I can, for example I have taken AP Psychology which is my favorite class and honors physiology. Both of these subjects are related towards the field I'm going to be pursuing. Also, I have been volunteering at my local hospital (which I have over 300 hours) and working at the hospital, I've been exposed to the medical environment with staff. I've also gotten the opportunity to observe surgeries. Currently, I have observed over ten surgeries including a c-section , and all before the end of my senior year.  Plans have already been made to see more. I have done all I can and continue to do more to reach my goal for my education, eventually I will have my PhD and be a pristine neurosurgeon / neuroscientist."


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Update posted by JoAnne Berg On Mar 31, 2015

She has been Accepted to St John's University in NY, but family close to her is over here and we are waiting to hear back from Mills College in Northern California any day now.

Fingers crossed!

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