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Update posted by ColoradoKelliL On Apr 15, 2015

Start-up Funds needed for Delayed Food Allergy Support Groups, Meal Assistance Program. 

Many people suffer from IgG Delayed Food Allergies and don't even know it. For some, the results can be as easy as avoiding Apples or Peanuts. For others it can be a very difficult and challenging change to remove 34 foods from your diet. Many are allergic to additives, which can be found in almost every packaged food item. 

Your fund will go towards providing meals, testing, and supplies for cooking classes to educating those with Delayed Food Allergies. 

I am a 39 year old woman, mother of 2. I suffered from Anorexia my whole life. I was not your typical Anorexic who worried about getting fat, or saw her self as this oversized girl. I HURT when I ate food. I felt better when I did not eat. Eventually you get so skinny and ill, you have no choice. I tell myself no matter what I will get healthy. I would go to the grocery store, buy $200 with or fruits, vegetables, healthy items to make meals with. Within two days of eating healthy, I would be in sooooo much pain, all over, everywhere, I felt run down, sick, clammy. Doctors had no answers, no test showed anything was wrong. So I'd stop eating. I finally learned about the IgG Delayed Food Allergy Test. For the next three years no doctor I asked even knew what I was talking about. I found out how to get the test by a Holistic Practitioner. I got my blood drawn and 2 weeks later had results. I have been able to eat steady and consistently for 2 months, I have gained 10 lbs. I am doing yoga, walking, and lifting light weights. I do meditation, massage, cupping, and magnet therapy. Unfortunately, due to the years of my body constantly fighting food allergies, being malnourished. I have a lot of pain and physical issues to overcome. 

I want to spread the word regarding Delayed Food Allergies. I have started a Facebook page for an online group. I will be building a website. Starting a Food Cabinet for the group to share. Teach cooking classes. Educate about additives, GMO, Organics. 

You help and support is a blessing and will be used to support our members health goals. 

Thank you 

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