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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Apr 26, 2013

I think everyone knows I have no Idea what I'm doing. But I don't know how to get interest back in to this page.  I've posted the link everywhere I can think of. can anyone offer me some Ideas?

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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Feb 28, 2013

here is the all smiles video of dena getting her head shaved.


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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Feb 17, 2013

Hi all! Well, here's my story so far:

On November 1st, last year, I went to the doctor's for a surface lump on my left breast. It turned out to be nothing, but the Dr. asked if I have a family history of breast cancer. My maternal grandmother died of breast and lung cancer at the age of 39. Doc says that I should get a mammogram "just in case". I say "OK", thinking it'll be clear and I'll go on with life... Well, that didn't quite happen.

The radiologist found microcalcifications in my right breast. A biopsy was done and confirmed what my gut felt- DCIS. Stage Zero breast cancer. My left breast was clear. I met with a surgeon, Dr. Caughran, about a lumpectomy. She ordered an MRI, to make sure the "margins" were proper for the surgery. It showed a 7mm tumor. I was now facing a mastectomy. I chose to have a double mastectomy. I did not and do not ever want to go through this again if I can help it! (I believe every woman can and should make their own choice on this matter.)

I was approved for genetic testing due to my grandma's early cancer and my own young age. I do not carry the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene/s. One small bit of good news! My husband does his best, which was amazing, to comfort me both when I am numb and when I am a bawling, inconsolable heap of tears and snot.

I chose to have reconstruction, too. So now I had 2 surgeons. Two doctors for my boobs? Okay. My surgery was January 2nd, with spacers placed at the same time. A few days later I woke up to my phone ringing. It was Dr. Caughran. The tumor was Stage 1B invasive, and she dropped the bomb on me, the "C" word. Chemotherapy. Now 3 boob doctors?!

So now I have a port in my upper chest that itches like hell and am through 1 of 4 rounds of chemo. I will get to keep this lovely titanium ornament for a whole year because of other shots I'll need to assure I have thoroughly kicked cancer's ass out of my body. My second round is February 27th. I'm paranoid as all hell that my hair is going to fall out in chunks. I proactively chopped off my lovely locks, losing about 18 inches of wavy "me-ness" and the feeling of beauty that I didn't realize I was so dependent on. I have a cute pixy cut, just in case...

Doc says I can keep the port when she "deports" me (as my hubby jokingly calls it). I haven't decided yet whether to enshrine or destroy it. I've made enough decisions to last the rest of the year, and I'm tired. I fear I will look back in a few months and laugh at what I thought words like sick and tired meant. I'm the brave warrior, pre-survivor, and now have a 4th doctor, a psychiatrist. Well, a 5th, counting my family doctor 


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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Jan 30, 2013

Thanks to all the help and support that everyone has given us I will have my dentures on Feb 13th. This mean that Dena and I will be able to have a Valentines Day dinner anywhere we want! and also I can order anything I want :-)

I wish this could mean that this project was going to close and we could claim mission accomplished. but now we have to focus on Dena and her Breast cancer treatments and the cost of caring for her. thank you all for the help and support that you have given us this far :-)

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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Jan 18, 2013

Ok everyone, We just got a call from Dena's employer saying that her medical benefits are cut off as of tonight. and she is NOT eligible for any financial assistance (60% of wages) through them as we had thought. She will be receiving COBRA benefits but as most of you know, it isn't cheap. Cory still has his benefits(but we don't know for how long if he doesn't get called back soon), but with the amount of bills Dena's care has accrued, we need the double benefits to keep our out of pocket expenses down. with Cory being on a layoff and Dena unable to work things are going to get tight, Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Cory and Dena Anderson

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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Jan 17, 2013

Teazers Bar & Grille will be hosting A pub Crawl to help raise funds for Dena's Treatments.



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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Jan 10, 2013

Ok here's the plan. If you make a min $5 donation to [email protected] through paypal. I will write your name or handle on a pink ribbon and repost a picture of it on the bra to instagram,Twitter and Facebook. if you use paypal include a note with what name/handle you want on the ribbon. We are trying to raise funds for my wifes #breastcancer treatments. You can also donate through https://gogetfunding.com/project/help-us-heal Lets cover this thing in ribbons and love.


Also If you Donate enough to cover this bra I will post a picture of me in it. :-)

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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Jan 08, 2013

 Dena's pathology report showed that the tumor was a wicked mother, so She will be needing chemotherapy. This is not a death sentence at all, but a major blow nonetheless. Prayers are welcome as always, we are pretty upset right now. We will answer questions when we can, but need some time to relax and refocus.

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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Dec 30, 2012

I have breast cancer. I am 30 years old. I am overwhelmed and stressed beyond what's humane. I have too many supporters to count. I have a loving, amazing, rock of a husband. I will fight back. I will win the war. I am a pink warrior. Screw you cancer!!!!

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Update posted by Dena Anderson On Dec 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone that has sent money and donated. I will be getting my teeth Jan 15.Now we are just focused on Dena's medical bills. we just got our first bill for the the tests and treatments this far and it was $800. so please continue to spread the word and keep us in your thoughts.


                                                       Thank you for everything

                                                                                            Cory and Dena Anderson

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