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Update posted by Mollie Van Hofwegen On Oct 19, 2013

Wow!  It's been a fast month!  Mark moved to England a month ago today to pursue his dream.  He started his Music Degree at Kingston University in Kingston-Upon-Thames about 3 days after arriving, and a new job 3 weeks ago at the only American chain restaurant in town! :)  When he left, he left with a beautiful bass trombone in-hand, thanks to ALL of the wonderful supporters who donated towards this cause. 

Mark is currently seeking opportunities to play his bass trombone, either in the community he lives in, at the school where he is attending, and/or even in Londontown itself.  We can't thank you enough for helping Mark take a giant step toward his dream.

A special shout-out to Meg and Rose, who gave unbelievable donations to help us accomplish the goal. 

We are humbled, grateful and feel very blessed.

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