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Update posted by melgc On Sep 16, 2013

Hello everybody! I know I have not yet reached my ideal goal, but my productivity levels and persistent hurtful thoughts had gotten to a point that I had trouble getting important work done. With everyone's blessing, I started my therapy sessions to address the problems before they become worse.

I was able to find a center that allowed me to avail of a sliding-scale ratio to encourage me not to drop out of the therapy program for at least 12 weeks. I have gone to two sessions so far, and both have been incredibly helpful. I feel most comfortable here out of all the places I have tried so far, so I am hopeful that everything goes well!

Still, I need to continue raising funds so that I can keep going even after 12 weeks, especially if it later turns out that I'll need medication to address some problems. As such, I am still open for donations, and I am open for commissions (art, bracelets, hand-painted notebooks, graphic design - hit me up!)

I will be posting about my therapy sessions and experiences in implementing positive changes in my self-care blog, Kasiyahan.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support so far, everyone. I couldn't have made it this far without you.

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Update posted by melgc On Jul 29, 2013

Hi everyone! It's been a little quiet on my end, but I've been trying to settle into the groove of things. So far, as the title says, we've raised $470 combining funds raised online and offline, and I'm eternally grateful to you all! <3

We're still at $80 for donations made on this site, though. If we manage to push it to $100, we'll be included in GoGetFunding's public listings, hoorah! Just a little more...!

I'm still on the lookout for possible clinics and doctors to consult, so if you happen to know of any within Manila, Philippines, who have reasonable rates or are open to discounts or possibly health insurance, please let me know?

In the meantime, here are some art commissions I finished for friends who donated to this fundraiser :)

I'm always open for donations and commissions, so if you've been meaning to, now is still a good time to do so! You can check out my Commission Information here. For anything not mentioned there (like paper bead jewellery), just contact me and we'll work something out. <3

Thanks so much again for everything!

Love lots,

Mel <3

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Update posted by melgc On Jul 15, 2013

A self-portrait of Mel overcome with tears of gratitude

I'm feeling so completely overwhelmed with gratefulness tonight. I was afraid that if I shared my problems out in the open, I would be met with a deluge of comments ranging from "attention-seeker" to "depression isn't real" to "you're faking". So I was really afraid when I decided to try sharing it here, bracing myself for the worst.


I was completely wrong. Instead, all I have been met with is unwavering kindness, support, and love from my friends. Some have offered to contribute to my fund by donating or commissioning me. A lot have spread the word. So many have given me encouraging words. I've even been given tips on places I could go to for therapy, and had a great friend offer to do art commissions in exchange for donations for me. Yes, the site itself may not be overflowing with donations, but there is no monetary value for the generosity I have received here, coupled with the acts of kindness of my online friends as well.


And now I think: why in the world did I ever think any of these wonderful people would judge me in the first place?


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Even just your moral support was able to give me another boost to finish more of my work tonight. I am so lucky to have such understanding people in my life.

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Update posted by melgc On Jul 12, 2013

Really. Thank you. I was feeling particularly bad this week, partly in despair that I may never afford to get treatment, but since last night after getting some more donations and a commission, they gave me enough of a boost and I was able to get back on my feet and finish some work that had been eating at me for weeks.

Speaking of which, GoGetFunding states that if we reach $100 in the meter, it’ll publicly list the fundraiser in their directory. We’re currently at $40 (not counting donations gathered off the site.) Regardless of whether we reach that much or not, I just feel so, so grateful to have people’s support.

Every small amount counts, and they give me a glimmer of hope. :') Thank you to everyone who's donated so far, and to everyone who's shared the word with others.

Love lots,

Mel <3

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