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Update posted by Jeff Long On Feb 07, 2015

My journey in India has been so much more then I had imagined.  The culture is rich with history and the people I have met have been remarkable.  I have finished the second planned conference in Pune and have been meeting with new contacts since the last conference in Bangalore.  

The typical project I manage in the US is fairly straight forward, this one is not.  Developing contacts into meaningful relationships where we share the same passion and vision takes time.  I am pleased with the progress made, pray for direction and continued blessings.

Thanks to all that have supported me.  I still have some time left in this fundraiser and pray that the money will be raised to cover what has been spent personally.

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Update posted by Jeff Long On Jan 16, 2015

Helping a friend or often a stranger is typically my reason for being late. Hoping someone else will stop to help isn't me.


So when I pulled into a Menards parking lot and saw and older gentlemen struggling with his cart in the wind I reacted naturally.


He was so thankful I had stopped while so many passed by. Something in the trunk caught my attention and I had to ask.


He explained that he is an 89 year old retired Optometrist that has spent the past 40 years helping those in need in over 60 countries. What I saw was a part of his most recent project to make glasses for nearsighted children living in poverty.


At this point my curiosity and excitement were peeking.


His project was not quite finished and an upcoming conference where he planed to debut it at was just a month away! I suggested we have coffee and talk about how I can help.


After a few hours of some great stories, a cup of coffee and a piece of pie we both agreed our chance meeting was nothing short of divine.


Eugene Koning describes this project as his most exciting yet and it pains him that his health is preventing him from moving forward. He has been praying for someone with passion and skills to carry his work on.


 What divine timing!


 It would have been the truth if I had simply said "I'm to busy with FAMILY" or "financially I am in NO position"...

So this is really a giant leap of faith for my wife and I.


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