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Update posted by Lisa Dundas On Aug 23, 2015

So, Feed a Village is now a year old. What started off as a one off ?let?s raise a thousand pounds to help a village? has grown beyond belief.
Last year?s seven thousand pounds helped many, many families is 3 different areas within Palestine, either by being given a sheep or goat, fig or Olive trees or a food parcel, or were helped in other ways by us.
Since the start of the year we have been consistently fundraising and bringing Feed A Village in Palestine into the public eye. We have had stalls, done talks and hosted events, all to raise cold hard cash to take to Palestine with us. Our fundraising so far has been very successful and we have had two major contributions to the fund from the Tom Mann Branch of the Unite Union in Coventry, with their generous donations we will be able to do so much more than we had initially expected to.
This year as well, we have our new team. We have three ladies coming to Palestine to help us with the project, you will find out more about them in the coming weeks and what they can bring to what we are doing.
We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated, or shared our posts so far, please, please keep spreading the word for as well as the fundraising, we also want to share awareness of what life is like for people in Palestine.
It is about 15 weeks until we go?15 more weeks to raise as much money as we can. We can only do this with your help??please give if you haven?t already (even if it is a pound), and if you have already donated, thank you so much and please be assured that 100% will be spent in Palestine.
Thank you, Lisa, Elaine, Willy, Wooly, Sheepsy?(and we are having a new mascot next week, Buzzy for our new bee projects).

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Update posted by Lisa Dundas On Aug 16, 2015

On Saturday 26th September one of our supporters, Dave Farman, will be attempting to climb the highest mountain in Europe ? Mont Blanc.

Starting from Les Houches on Friday morning he will be climbing the Gouter route via the treacherous Grand Couloir and after around 5 hours of climbing resting for one short night at the Gouter Refuge situated precariously on the edge of the mountain at 3835 meters.

Weather permitting the Summit attempt will start around 3am with the intention of reaching the Summit at 4810m around 10am, followed by the long walk back to Les Houches the same day.

Dave will be collecting money for Feed A Village in Palestine through this page and Paypal, so please donate what you can even if it is one pound, it all will be spent in Palestine.

A massive thank you to Dave and his team for doing this challenge to highlight our project.

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Update posted by Lisa Dundas On Jul 16, 2015

Eid Mubarak to our Muslim supporters.

May it be a blessed and peaceful one for you all

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Update posted by Lisa Dundas On Jul 12, 2015

Elaine and I had always planned that we were going to return with this project, with people. We wanted others to see and experiance what we had, and to help out on the project. We also wanted them to come home and share the stories of the families we met and the stories we were told.

This December, we have 3 fantastic people coming with us to help. Two have been over to the Holy Land before, one, it will be her first time...and what an initiation it will be for her. One of our ladies is a beekeeper, so we are looking to help out on bee projects out there. It would be far too costly and time consuming setting up something new as we are only there for 10 days, but we have found 2 villages (incidentally where we have worked before) that have hives, so we are going to add new hives to their collection and our lady can help show then how to make products out of the beeswax which is left behind from the honey extraction. (I don't want to name the people who are coming with us, in-case they want to stay anonymous).

It is now about 5 months until we fly out. I am in touch with our contacts out in Palestine, planning our trip and where we will visit and help in December.....please keep looking in for updates and also have a look on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Feed-a-Village-in-P... for more updates.

Thanks again for all your donations, every pound raised counts.

Lisa xx

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