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Update posted by Kim Wood On Jul 25, 2015

Dear supporters this is the last day of our campaign and the total currently stands at 59% - that's amazing! There is still time for last minute donations and if you have any difficulties (some people have had trouble making Visa payments) then please let me know. I have been given 30 in cash donations from kind supporters which will be added to the pot, and my mum is doing a boot sale next weekend to complete our fundraising campaign - thanks mum :-D

The past few weeks have been very busy. It has finally (after four years!) been acknowledged that my boy has a lot of difficulties that need extra support so that he can access education, socialise and live life to his full potential. My son will still not be able to return to school in September but things are looking up for him possibly starting to transition to a school placement in October and, after the visit to Dr Jones, we will finally know the exact support to put in place for him. My boy just wants to get back to school!

I was very reluctant to start this fundraising and ask for financial help from other people, but I am so, so happy that I went ahead. GoGetFunding is a wonderful site and you feel really connected to those people who contribute to your fund and leave messages. The kindness and support of people has touched our hearts and I wish I could express to you what a difference you have made to our lives - thanks, thanks and ever thanks!! <3

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Update posted by Kim Wood On Jul 09, 2015

Hi everyone - today the fund stands at 56% which is amazing - thank you so much! I have been exchanging emails with Dr Jo Jones and am now able to pay her the first amount of money needed. This means that she can read through all the reports that I am forwarding to her. A picture is emerging of my son's difficulties that indicate a particular approach that is not widely known - luckily Dr Jones is an experienced specialist in the diagnosis of these difficulties, and she can tell us the correct support to put in place for him. We can also pass this information onto the teachers and support staff who will be helping him when he transitions back into school, whether that be a mainstream or specialist school.

It has been brought to my attention that some people without PayPal haven't been able to pay via Visa. If you wish to donate and this has happened to you, please message me and I will send you my personal bank details, then I will pay it into the fund for you. Please also let me know if you wish your name and amount to be hidden on the campaign page.

Love & blessings to all our supporters <3

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Update posted by Kim Wood On Jun 28, 2015

Just one week after posting our campaign the fund stands at 666 which is 44% of what we need to see Dr Jones! During the past week I have received support from my closest friends and family near and far, people who know me from the past, people who know friends of mine, people who preferred to remain anonymous and new friends I have met through social media (who are also struggling within a cruel system). If there is an upside to what we are going through it is to connect with all this love and encouragement. People's financial generosity has left me speechless, and I have cried tears of gratitude as the messages and phone calls have touched my heart. From our family - THANK YOU <3

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Update posted by Kim Wood On Jun 24, 2015

It's been a very difficult couple of days on the ground, but to see our total reach 42% is just fantastic and is keeping me going. Knowing that we will be getting to see Dr Jones means that things are going to improve for us. Thank you <3 You guys are amazing!

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Update posted by Kim Wood On Jun 21, 2015

I am feeling so grateful for the love & generosity of people today. Sadly on this journey with my son I have come into contact with many people who have felt obstructive and uncaring, so the kindness of people right now is incredibly uplifting. I thank you all _/|\_ I want to put a special thank you out there to my dear friend Nancy - without her this would not even have got off the ground <3

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