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Update posted by linda geralldo On Jun 16, 2015

apologize before it if the message is not pleasing to you , I shared my organization is currently collecting funds for humanitarian aid victims of landslides that have killed 250 people and destroyed over 1000 homes . may be among friends who care and are willing to donate a little of his money to help those who were affected by this tragedy . for friends who will participate to helping the victims just to give her a little money through BANK of AMERICA routing number 061000052 account number 00003500923953400 on behalf of Yayu Anggriani . Bantan bit of you is of great significance for them . to see the disaster documentation please see the www.gmshumanity.blogspot.com

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Yayu Anggriani

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Update posted by linda geralldo On Jun 14, 2015

nothing special about me, I'm just a military widow us, filling the day and annihilate it when I am looking for something about the meaning of life and the life, birth and death, sorrow and happiness. things I like most is to travel because they soasial by visiting and meeting with people who are stricken I felt I was the luckiest person and give them a little help I feel the most affluent It so we do not feel rich if we have not been able to share and do meresa proud if we do not do something that people will know us, people will remember us and appreciate us for our contribution. we live only once in this world, for what we abundant treasure if it is not able to share with those less fortunate than us, because if later we die we treasure it will not be able to enjoy again. proud if we live is we have a social life and humanity because apart in our world appreciated and remembered by the people, in the eyes of God we are belonged to a noble person. learn life does not exist in the university, live better will we get with our shared

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