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Update posted by Janay Praster On Nov 09, 2012
Well today is the last day. I just want to thank everyone that helped pass the link and the few backers I have thank you so much or your support. This has been a learning experience and although we didn't reach our goal of 4000.00 the money raised will help regardless. Thank you all again
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Update posted by Janay Praster On Nov 07, 2012
My mother-in-law just gave me $200.00 cash to go towards this project. Thank you so much Naomi. This will mean so much to Chris.
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Update posted by Janay Praster On Oct 27, 2012

So we are in the final days of fundraising. Chris has decided he wants to put a 2011 or newer 5.0 ford mustang engine with the drivetrain into his truck. They cost a bit more then I initailly expected and are a pain to find, but I guess in the long run cant put a price tag on something that will make him so happy. 

I have posted items for sale on craigs list and have even done some ebaying. One item sold on ebay for 91.00. The rest I need to relist and keep trying to sell. Hopefully we will get this project underway before January. For my followers and backers just want to say hi and thanks for watching and helping. Hopefully we end this with a bang. 

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Update posted by Janay Praster On Sep 26, 2012
Since I started this fundraiser I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from family and friends. I have been cleaning things up in the house and am just about ready to start selling things. Chris has narrowed down his options for the update and we are now looking at doner cars and roughly how much it will cost to purchase one. He is still in the dark about this fundraiser so all is still going well.
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