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Update posted by Sandra Hopkinson Maki On Jan 14

So... thank you! Really, I don't know what else to say. Ben and I are so amazed at how quickly and generously eveyone has responded. It is cool that we find ourselves fully funded - and beyond - in less then a week.  If ever we doubt, if ever we hesitate, we have this as sound affirmation that we are supported and loved and must move forward!  So onto buying and purchasing, painting and decorating... Orange zest has been choosen for the walls. Bunkbeds have been purchased, and just today I went to see Jerry and Mary at Sleeptronics here in Prescott. They are giving us two twin mattresses at cost!  The quality of these mattresses are beyond what Ben and I will ever sleep on!  Give them shout out if you would. They are just starting out their business here. What a way to begin--in benvelonce, right?  (And you can see their cute dog Palin who Banner loved to play with)

Our church here, Prescott Christian, is also supporting us. We are so happy to be a part of this church family. (Honestly, after King's Harbor it has really been difficult to call any other place home. This is helping for sure...)

One of our prayers is that we would be totally unified in all of this, that there would be no opportunity for accusation that one is more involved than the other. And God knows that one thing Ben and I do sometimes is argue about is how much we spend time and money on color choices and curtain access.  But with these funds, just for the Foster Care room, there is absolutely no room for discussion because with this generous allowance we can do everything I want and then some. Trust me, I still bargain and spend thriftly (thank you China for the lessons). I got a couple hundred off the bunks and found a $2000 dresser for $240 - all wood and handcrafted. I will put up pictures soon.   

So that is too long of an update but that is where we are for now. John from church is coming over to help paint this week. I am terrible at painting. Ben relegates me to the closets. We love you all and thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! We are keeping the funding open as we don't know what needs will arise: guitar lessons, a Ronald Dahl collection, a new coat...

Sandra and Ben

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