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Update posted by Amber Langham On Dec 03
  • Just wanted to share with you a few of the young people your gifts will be going to this Christmas...

    A 17 year old with a 2 year old bub who was born at 27 weeks – so as you can imagine there are lots of health issues that the pair have ...
    to deal with.

    A 14 year old girl struggling with self harm issues who has been brought up thinking family violence is the norm.

    A 13 year old, his 10 year old and 4 year old brothers whose mother has extensive mental health issues and who have been exposed to family violence.

    A 12 year old girl whose mum died when she was 18 months old and whose dad is aggressive and violent.

    A 12 year old girl, her 13 year old severely disabled brother and 2 year old sister who live below the poverty line and have witnessed family violence.

    All of these kids are AMAZING, INSPIRING and have HOPE FOR THE FUTURE! They are the reason I go to work every day!

    Thank you all for your support!!!
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