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Postman only rang once!
Update posted by Amber Langham On Dec 01

Postie stopped by today to deliver some of the deadly pressies! Alas his knock and the dogs barking were not enough to wake me from my slumber so I missed him!  Hopefully he will stop by again tomorrow so I can put some more photos up of the pressies that will be going to the kids I work with!!

There are 12 kids that I work with that these gifts will be benefiting!  Ages range from 2 and a half to 17 - the 2 and a half year old is the son of one of the 17 year olds.  Majority of the kids I work with are in the 12 to 15 bracket and all have shocking stories to tell. 

All that separates me from these young people is a bit of luck - that I was born into a stable and supportive family.  I am reminded everyday of just how lucky I am!

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