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Thank you!

Update posted by Marcia Urgino

From Tina:

Latest update as of Jan 11 8am 🌞 (it’s rather long, sorry✌🏻 ):

Thank you everyone for your love, support, and prayers!♥️

Please join us in thanking God for the miracles He sent us yesterday! 🙏🏻 Once again, He showed us His overflowing mercy during the Hour of Divine Mercy:

- Papa Mon was discharged from the hospital with instructions to continue medications and isolation at home! By God’s grace, our relatives in QC were able to help him process the documents needed to settle the bill. 🙏🏻

- Mama’s X-ray results, though with signs of pneumonia on one side, are “nothing to worry about” according to her pulmonologist. She’s to continue taking meds at home while being closely monitored. She has a follow-up consultation today.🙏🏻

- The Rodriguez kids seem to be almost completely symptom-free now, praise God! Praying that it will stay that way! 🙏🏻

- Anthony and Tina continue to have a bit of cough and slight body aches but feel much better compared to last week. 🙏🏻

- Over in Cainta, where my Kuya and his family are, those who have COVID (Ate and their kasambahay) are doing ok - O2 sat is normal, symptoms improving. Kuya remains to have no symptoms but just needs to rest more. 🙏🏻

- God continues to provide for us daily especially through the generosity of our fellow Catholic homeschoolers who have been sending us food when needed - may God reward them for their generosity!!! (So many other people have also offered to send us food - praise God for you all!)🙏🏻

- So far, God has provided us with more than enough to cover Papa’s hospital bills, plus medical expenses and other needs for our family members who are recovering from COVID-19. ♥️🙏🏻 Praise God for every one of you who responded to the call of our friends through the Help Team +JMJ+ page and in other ways, and for the generosity of our Light of Jesus Family, especially Feast Ortigas District, as well as the Couples for Christ (CFC) community - we are still overwhelmed by His generosity that shines through you all! 😭

- We are also very very grateful to God for the sacrificial generosity of our Feast family, our Catholic homeschoolers support group (Roman Catholics Keeping Education Real or ROCKERS Philippines), and the CFC community, especially in how they have cared/are caring for Papa and Mama. Praise God for the gift of community!💝

- We also praise and thank God for all the people who have been praying for our family — you know who you are! 😉 For those who reached out to us, sent us messages and asked how you can help us, etc. For our teammates at work who have helped lighten the load for us so we can care for our family. Praise God for you all!😭

With this, we would also like to formally announce that all fundraising efforts to help our family will end today, Jan 11, 2021. 🙏🏻

Should you still feel moved to be generous with your resources, we invite you to consider donating to the fundraising efforts for #OdettePH victims spearheaded by different homeschooling groups (including Educating for Life, of which Tina is part). You may get more details via bit.ly/hh-odette 🙏🏻 Praise God again and again for your overflowing generosity!♥️

Lastly, we would also like to ask that as you pray for our family’s healing, please also pray for the healing of all who are sick including the following people who helped us a lot in Papa and Mama’s recovery through their prayers and support:

- Father Paul Uwemedimo, who is in the hospital being treated for pneumonia and low O2 saturation levels (he tested negative for COVID but more tests will be done). Fr. Paul celebrated a Healing Mass for Papa and led a prayover for him before Papa left home for the hospital.🙏🏻

- Tito Joe and Tita Mila Yamamoto, who are part of the CFC International Council (Tito Joe is the CFC Chairman) - Tito Joe helped give medical advice to Papa and Mama even if he and Tita were already experiencing symptoms themselves. 🙏🏻They’re now in need of our prayers as they battle COVID, along with other top leaders of CFC.

- Our friends from ROCKERS Philippines, our Catholic homeschoolers support group (who request not to be named ) who have been leading efforts to help our family - many of them now have family members with symptoms or have symptoms themselves. 🙏🏻

- Brothers and sisters from the Feast/Light of Jesus Family, ROCKERS Philippines, and CFC who are sick and have asked us for prayers.

Of course, we unite our prayers for ALL who need healing now - there are so so many!!! 😔🙏🏻 Let us keep praying and offering up all our challenges so as not to “waste our suffering”, as Saint John Paul II said.

Jesus, King of Mercy, we trust in You!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, be with us always!

Image credits: The Catholic Rose

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