Dec 25, 2021 at 04:12 am


Update posted by Tara Gomez

Update: Hey Guys! Thank you all once again for the overflowing amount of support and love you all have given to this campaign. In less than 2 days, we have surpassed our target amount and we could not have been more humbled! <3

Day 5 from the fundraising, our first batch of donation has been sent to our trusted contact in Inabanga on the 23rd of December. Basic communication signal in the area is still very weak and our initial plan was to send out all the donation funds in one transaction. With the amount of support you guys have shown, we have organised to divide the funds in half to be distributed in two batches. We were hoping for the relief packs to be sent out at least before Christmas.

As of yesterday, 24th of December, our contact is sourcing bulk supplies from Tagbilaran to be distributed to Ondol. We will keep you all posted for further updates to come. Attached is a screenshot of first transfer - $1,000 NZD ($942.24 AUD) = P33,706 PHP

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