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Kantor Family update
Update posted by Christina Furtado On Nov 23

Thank you everyone for your generous donations! Bailey, Rick and the girls appreciate all your support. I thought i'd give a little update to let you know how they are doing.

They are still staying at their emergency residence (basement suite of a kind friend of theirs) and are staying updated with how the floods are doing in their house area (no changes as of yet) Momma and baby are doing well after a doctor check up. Rick is unable to work at this time as his employer's business is also under water. They are all trying to live as normal as they can and start planning for the days ahead.

Your donations are helping them prepare for a new living situation and also prepare for the new baby arriving December 20th. When they were evacuated, they took the kids and the clothes on their back and drove in their vehicle out of danger so they have do not have access to any belongings they left behind and have lost their other vehicle parked at the house as well as anything on the bottom floor (so all of Rick and Bailey's clothing etc)

There are still many challenges ahead as the highways remain closed or limiting travel and stock is limited at stores. On behalf of my entire family, we thank you so very much for your donations, well wishes and support.


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