Updates on Dog rescue project in Lombok / Karin & Dede

Update 3 Dec 2021 - Only good news this time!
Update posted by Muhaidi Muhaidi On Dec 03

So happy to update you guys that Luna and the puppies have been doing amazing this past week!

After a major down again when Luna got more wounds on her leg again, they finally all seem to be healing well. We still have a long way to go, but things are finally really looking up. She's eating and drinking well, looks way more vibrant and energetic and is starting to enjoy cuddles and affection very much. She has found her favorite spot outside her dog house and is enjoying laying in the sand again when possible (raining season). We haven't been able to focus much on her back legs for the last few weeks, but we do see her still moving her legs and tail sometimes. There are definitely still working nerves there. So when the time comes to focus on this again, we're gonna do whatever we can to help her walk again 💪🏼

The puppies are still doing great and getting so big. They are just over 3 weeks old now, curious and exploring as much as they can. They're also starting to play and it's the cutest thing to witness!

Let's all hope the next update will be this positive again, and thanks again for everyone supporting Luna and her puppies! 🧡

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