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Workshop restoration. 2nd week update.
Update posted by Denis Vorobev On Oct 22

Greetings everyone!

Our main workshop has been totally repainted!

New floor, new lamps, new air-intake and aspiration systems! More white, more lights, more power lines!

We are finalising restoration and paint works here!

Next week will begin with setting up new workplaces! We've learned much from this fire and we will optimize our workshop for better productivity and more safety!

3D printers will be repaired next week and we'll be back on track!

Our 2nd building remains casting and paintworks, our paint guy have 12 kits and 40 helmets to work with. And our new - 3rd building, works at full throttle: artisan painting details on helmets and armor kits, and assembly guys are cleaning and assembling helmets! We have cleaned 106 helmets and 18 armor kits!!!

Regardless massive losses in raw armor kits, only few finished helmets were damaged, thank God! Life slowly comes to normal!

Huge thanks to everyone who supported us during these tough days, your vibes and trust in us simply overhelming! 🙂 You're all awesome! 🙂

More news, re-opening and accepting new orders - next week!

Stay tuned, guys!


In case you wish to help us - our crowd funding is open or you can buy our products at www.armoryshopprops.com ! This will help us to recover faster!


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