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School Update
Update posted by Timothy Reimer On Sep 30

Here is an update on whats going on.

School is going online only until further notice, this is bad news for two reasons

1. Homeschooling of any kind is the reason I never got my grade 12 in the first place.

2. The last time I was on zoom for school (four days ago), my microphone would not work and the audio kept cutting out, it didn't matter what I did, nothing could fix it. I did some extra troubleshooting after the class meeting, and found out that zoom was causing the audio driver and I think the device on the board to freak out, I did tried reinstalling the audio drivers and it did not fix it.

Please donate, I'm in need for new parts more then ever, don't let this PC to put an end to my dream, I want to get my grade 12 so badly.

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