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Update posted by MOHD HADIF ADHWA JEBIN On Sep 11

I goes to two different high school because I couldn't decide which is the best for me, Firstly I goes to Normal High school and then I decide to switch into a Vocational High school which are pretty disaster for me.

I actually switching school to get automotive classes or bakery or culinary classes so I can start my own business one day but ended up with crafting metals class. We've shaped various objects that has been issued with blueprint.

Too bad the equipment is too expensive and job scope is too low but I ended up with average results on my graduation.

I then decided to goes to a college which are located at Sarawak. I registered on a college which offers UTM certificate but unfortunately I couldn't afford to keep up with expenses and ended up switching to different college. I later goes to Kuala Lumpur and studying at Puchong Selangor for almost a year but failed miserably. So I decide to stop studying and start working on basic store.

First day looking for a work I get a job as apprentice at Local Workshop for painting cars, I barely made money for a month I receive around 400 MYR. Then I decide to work at local restaurant which offer me 600 MYR. I thought that would be enough to keep up with my expenses with rents food and daily needs but no. Then I hold things up for 1 years still hasn't make any progress so I switch back to my old jobs.

I've made a bit more this time but unable to rest well as I've been doing heavy duty for the last 5 month nonstop and decide to rest for a while. I've saved 1000 MYR so far but currently unemployed.

I need lots of support to paid my due

Thank you


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