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Sport facility for rural communities in Moldova
Update posted by cristina Mardari On Aug 11


Meet my husband Victor - a sport enthusiast and amateur cyclist, and myself, young lady who dropped off 35 kg just to feel again healthy.

We are two of many who believe that in such a small country as Moldova, rural communities are hardly missing sport and healing facilities that will allow youth and children, as well mature and older population to have a healthy lifestyle.

Our working class is broking backs and legs in comutes to the cities for a 9-6 shift with hard physical or intelectual labor with no options for leisure or sport after work.

Our kids are spending tons of hours in their phones or ipads, absolutely incapable to focus on homework or outdoor activities.

Our elders are spending their golden lifetime alone, without possibility to get in touch with other people as their siblings are busy and there are no places where they can meet same age folks.

We want to change that. We want to change the entire vision of how people in rural area in a small country as Moldova should spend their free time and maintain their mental and physical health.

We want to create sport facilities in villages and rural communities with easy access to, with enough space and needed equipment for various sports (swimming, tennis, yoga, bicycling, basketball, hiking).

We intend to create a community of sport amateurs within rural areas in different age categories and promote socializing, phisical health and mental wellness.

This is a first step of a long road and we aim to collect an initial amount of 3000 Euros for our initiative which will be spent for informational brochures to raise awareness of our cause within society and potential sponsor. It's planned to host events in order to put the basics of a health and sports culture within key audience. We envision to be able to hire an architect who will design the 1st facility we would like to bring to life, as without this plan we can't advance in any administrative direction or convince potential sponsors. As we said this is just a beginning of a long and hard path.

Make an impact and think about how your support will bring results for our future generations. Let's give to the rural people from an agricultural country a chance and a perspective of another way of socialization.

We don't want anymore to have men and women spending their evening at the bar just to feel a bit of relax. We don't want our kids to be captured in social medias and gadget prison. We want to avoid our elders spending their last year alone.

You can be a part of this change, you can make an impact to a cause that is worth to.

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